Supports Ron Paul for president

Recently, Republican senator from Texas and presidential candidate Ron Paul came to the Carson Nugget to present his ideals to an attentive crowd - there could be no better candidate. He spoke of issues ranging from the foreign policy of the United States, to right to life and from immigration to fiscal policy. Ron Paul is a man of integrity and scruples; moreover, he is the unpleasant voice of reason to the spendthrifts on Capitol Hill. It soon became apparent in his speech that he was no ordinary politician; he had more in mind than winning just votes: winning minds. While politicians in general are infamous for making compromises to their integrity, Ron Paul is one of the few exceptions who steadfastly hold to their convictions. While choice words are available in endless supply from elected officials, Ron Paul has action - his voting record - to testify for him. Neither having voted for a tax increase, nor having voted for an unbalanced budget, Ron Paul has stood alone among the presidential candidates as the only one who has financial discipline. Furthermore, he is the only Republican candidate to have voted against the Resolution Authorizing Military Force in Iraq. To have voiced opposition to the war in Iraq was an extremely unpopular action at the time, especially for a Republican from Texas; however, Ron Paul feared that such an action would likely result in an expensive yet fruitless quagmire from which the U.S. could not easily escape. Above all, however, is Ron Paul's consistency; he ran for president in 1988 for the same principles upon which he again runs. For these reasons, Ron Paul deserves careful consideration as the next president of this country, for this country deserves a leader with integrity.


Carson City

Likes Duncan Hunter in the caucus

I truly enjoyed our visit with Duncan Hunter Dec. 28th, and the opening remarks by Gen. Chuck Yeager. Both are great Americans. I hope people will join their local caucus (mine being on Jan. 19 at 9 a.m. Pa-Wa-Lu Middle School, in Gardnerville). I didn't realize how important it was to get your candidate of choice on the ballot through a caucus.



Consider foreign policy when choosing candidate

We are at a crossroad in American history. The United States can possibly end up in an internal fight with terrorist groups who have been crossing our borders for sometime. What do we do? Now is the time to bring in people who have the experience in foreign policy, homeland security and military backgrounds.

Russia has been rebuilding their military, and you have to wonder what their big plan is. China has also made considerable headway in their military. Iran has been enriching uranium, and anyone can see what they are up to. With as many nations who have the "bomb" or the knowledge on how to make it, we need candidates who won't fold in a situation like another 9/11 or internal terrorist activity.

There are only two candidates, in my opinion, who would keep a level head and use good judgment, and they are John McCain and Duncan Hunter. Both men have the experience in foreign policy and both have a military background. They don't have big money supporting them, but we have to consider what is right for America, some fat cat or some common sense.

I would guess the liberal left would not agree with a strong military but would be in favor of negotiations and social programs to settle the ills of the world. Some of the far-right wing conservatives would agree to a military buildup just because it would fatten up their portfolio. We have to elect people who can see the reality of the world and reach a common ground on what we should be doing in this country to protect its citizens and our way of life.




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