Storey GOP faces ballot, sewer problems

Storey County Republican Chairwoman Juanita Cox said she has been working hard to fix problems caused by the state party's mistakes.

Republicans in the north part of the county received calls telling them they needed to vote at Reed High School in Sparks rather than Hillside Elementary School in Lockwood.

Hillside is the correct caucus location.

Cox discovered the state party was using telephone numbers as their guide to Northern Nevada voters, and northern Storey County communities have the same exchanges as Sparks residents.

The same problem befell some Mark Twain residents who were told to vote in Dayton instead of Virginia City.

Cox said Mark Twain Republicans who live in Storey County will caucus at the Virginia City Senior Center.

That is, if the senior center is in any condition to host a caucus.

As of Thursday, problems with the center's plumbing has led to the closure of the center and the cancellation of lunch. Storey County Public Works was working on the problem as of Thursday afternoon, according to County Manager Pat Whitten, who said the same problem happened last week and it only took a half-day to fix.

"I think it is safe to say the caucus will go on," he said.

Also, the state party didn't give Cox enough packets for each precinct, and not enough ballots for the voters in the largely Republican county.

She said she will make ballots for voters and said she has implemented a plan to make sure there will be no problems with fraud.

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