New car not yet an equalizer, but Burton believes it will be

Jeff Burton says he believes the new car

being used full time in the Sprint Cup Series in

2008 will eventually give more teams a chance

to have more success at stock-car racing's top


But not necessarily this year.

"The box that NASCAR has put us in with

this car is a much tighter box than we've had

in the past, there's no question," Burton said

Monday as Sprint Cup testing resumed at

Daytona International Speedway.

"The opportunity for more teams to have

more success I think is there long-term.

"Short term, it's such a radical difference

than what we've had you're going to be in a

position where some

teams are just going to,

plain and simple, do it

better than the others. ...

This car is a baby and

there are so many things

we don't know about it."

The new car was used

in 16 races in 2007, but

will be used for all of the

events this year.

"The team that takes advantage of what is

the best is always going to run the best,"

Burton said.

"When you have something different some

people are going to hit it. The more we have

this car and the longer we run it, the more

equal it will become. ... But let's be clear. I

don't care what NASCAR does, the teams that

have the best-run organizations will have the

best equipment and therefore will go the fastest

around the racetrack. It's just that simple."

Burton said there's no way everyone could

agree that all the decisions NASCAR made

with the car were the right ones. He doesn't

see how anyone could argue with its safety

advances, but knows that doesn't mean some

people won't.

"I don't think there's any doubt this is a

safer race car," Burton said.

"It's kind of funny, six years ago we sat

here and NASCAR was on the hot seat for not

doing enough. The story was NASCAR was

lagging behind in safety compared to other

forms of the sport. So then NASCAR went and

made a tremendous commitment to building a

car that was a tremendous amount safer, and

they get blasted for that, too. In many ways

NASCAR can't win."


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