A first-person account from the GOP caucus

Here's one couple's account of their experience this morning at a GOP caucus in Carson City:

We arrived at the Capital Christian Church in Carson City this morning

at 8:30am. A very long line had formed for the 9am caucus. This was

fine with us, happy to wait in the cold and to see such a great turn out

for this important event. We were very disappointed however, when we

made it to the front door, only to have instructions to proceed to our

precinct # table. There was no check in, no one checked our ID. We had

our post card with us and our precinct # in hand. That was all. The

table workers gave us a form and pen, we marked our choice , returned it

to the envelope holder and that was it?? We left completely

dumbfounded! If we had the notion, we could have repeated this

process several more times.. No one even knew if we were registered!!

We were shuffled in and out with hundreds of others, several were very

upset in the parking lot. Can't believe this could be it? What is

keeping others from casting several votes as we could have?

" David and Kathleen Ragsdale, Carson City


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