Letters to the editor

Wants to return to a primary

I have to agree with (letter writer) Judy Calandra talking about the caucus held here in Nevada. Something seems very wrong to me, all elections held in any state has state laws governing how they are managed and held. When did this change? I don't remember voting away our primaries. Many citizens' rights were taken away by not being able to vote. Service people serving their country were never sent absentee ballots and older citizens or the disabled. Citizens that could not go to polling places were never given a chance to vote. Not to mention all the regular voting places were changed so a lot of people had no idea where their precinct voted.

I think we just witnessed our right to vote taken away!


Carson City

What I want in a president

I want a president who shows the emotion of sorrow when talking about our soldiers who lost their lives defending our country.

I want a president who shows the emotion of sorrow when talking to people who lost family members on 9-11.

I want a president who shows the emotion of sorrow when talking to people who lost everything they had from Hurricane Katrina.

I do not want a president who shows the emotion of sorrow because she did not win the Iowa Caucus.

Kathy Rose-Monet

Carson City

A suggestion for spending your rebate

It appears we will all soon receive a rebate of our federal taxes to "jump start" the economy. Does any sane person believe that a rebate of less than 1 percent of our GDP will really stimulate our sluggish economy?

I have a great idea about how to spend the windfall and at the same time strike a blow for justice. Donate part or all of the money to Congressman Robert Wexler at www.wexlerwantshearings.com so that we might support this member of the Judiciary Committee to at long last begin hearings to impeach VP Cheney.


Carson City

Thank you for supporting the troops

We, the Blue Star Mothers, extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in our 2007 Operation Post Card Drive. In 2005, we collected 2,250 cards; in 2006, 4,240 cards; and this past season (2007) Ð we double again Ð to 7,570 cards collected and distributed to our country's sons and daughters in service.

This year, regretfully, our thank you list is too lengthy to give individual recognition. Instead we give our thanks in mass to all the individuals, schools, churches, and community organizations, private and corporate businesses though out Northern Nevada who made our 2007 Christmas/Holiday Post Card drive a success.

The following is a reprint of a card written by Mr. & Mrs. Dombey. I believe this one says it all:

Dear Soldier and Patriot,

Yesterday we drove from northern Nevada to San Francisco. We got in our car when we wanted and drove where we wanted. We stopped to eat lunch when and where we wanted. We passed literally hundreds of people doing the same thing. We didn't worry about snipers, or bombs or how we were dressed or if we had permission papers to cross state lines. Our air was clean, our water was clean, and our restaurants were clean. We passed churches of all faiths. The day was beautiful and when we finished (our trip) we returned to find our neighborhood in its usual peaceful state. ALL of this is because you and your commitment to keeping the liberties we enjoy intact. We honor you. We appreciate you so very much. We pray for you and your families. We support you. We respect you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your country counts you among its most choice. God Bless you.

Barbara Clark

President '06/'07

Sierra Nevada Blue Star Mothers



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