Storey ballot questions could thwart development

A group of Storey County residents who have worked since last year's dispute over the proposed Cordevista subdivision succeeded in getting two advisory questions on the county's general election ballot.


he Storey County Commission earlier this month approved two yes-or-no questions designed to control growth in the county.

The questions ask voters if the county should require future master-plan amendment, zone-change or planned-unit development applicants to show where water would come from before obtaining any permits, and to prove that any development would not affect sustainable water in the county.

Should voters approve the questions in November, the commission would then have to vote on the questions to approve them.

The unofficial group of residents, led by Joanne Aldrich of Virginia City and Bill Sjovangen of the Virginia City Highlands, collected hundreds of signatures on petitions to get the questions on the ballot.

In 2007, Cordevista, a project of up to 15,000 homes on 11,000 acres in central Storey County proposed by developer Blake Smith of Reno was rejected by the commission, and Smith later filed suit against the county.

A new managing partner has taken over for Smith and has met with county officials, and hearings on the lawsuit has been postponed.

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