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It will take courage to fix Nevada's woes

I thought Eugene Paslov's letter to the editor on Nevada's economy was right on target. It is time that our Constitutional Officers and members of the Legislature sit down and figure out how to stop the 'boom and bust' economy that has plagued Nevada since 1864. We seem to always be in a crisis mode. We need to move into the 21st century and realize that the "old way" simply won't work anymore. However, that will take a great deal of courage.

I received a two page e-mail letter recently from Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki informing me that he will again be asking the Legislators in the 2009 session to securitize the Tobacco Settlement Funds into a bail out for the ailing state budget, even though it will devastate programs for the most vulnerable in our society, the frail, low-income homebound seniors. Instead of going after the tobacco funds, what our constitutional officers and legislators need to do is demand a more realistic percentage of gaming revenue for this state to count on for its general fund. That wasn't an earthquake you just heard folks, it was a collective gasp by the gaming folks!

In reviewing the 13 states that generate revenues from taxes on casino gambling, Nevada is the lowest of any state, receiving from 3 percent to 6.25 percent in revenues. Other states are around 20 percent to 25 percent, and in Illinois it even goes to 70 percent of adjusted gross receipts if revenues exceed $250 million dollars. I was particularly impressed with New Jersey, which earmarks all revenues to provide financial assistance to the state's elderly and disabled populations. Better to give them a few dollars than pay for institutionalization!

I fully understand the reluctance of our elected officials to raise gaming revenue taxes because of all the political ramifications involved; however, if it is not done you can expect a 'boom and bust' economy forever. The scales of gaming revenue taken in compared to what is paid out in this state are so lopsided it is ludicrous. What this state needs is not Band-Aid measures, such as Tobacco Fund Securitization to cure its financial woes, it needs major surgery.

Will it happen? I don't know. I have been attending sessions of Nevada's Legislature since 1969 (yes that's almost 40 years) and I have seen some remarkable things occur when someone had the courage to step up to the plate. Let us hope we have plenty of someones this next time around, as we certainly need a miracle.


Carson City

Most mail is actually junk

For at least the past 10 years, we have noticed how much trash comes to us via the U.S. mail. We used to ask "has the mail come yet". Now we ask "has the trash come yet?" It seems to me that we could have mail delivery on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and never on Saturday with very little disruption to our way of life.

I have noticed over the years, most of my business billings come to me by way of fax because of speed and ease of delivery. Most of all, when our nation is trying to find ways to save fuel and expense, what easier way could there be than cutting back on this ridiculous and unnecessary service. Think of the savings in both fuel and wear and tear on our postal vehicles.


Carson City

Timing suspicious on sign allegation

The question of legality of mayoral campaign signs seems to come up at an opportune time. Sean Lehmann's signs have been out in the community for 3 months. No citizen complaints and all of a sudden just a couple weeks before early voting begins Alan Glover surfaces with an apparent violation. Alan, where were you three months ago? Is the good old boys network alive and well?


Carson City


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