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120 years ago

There was blood on the moon Sunday night for one hour and forty minutes caused by the eclipse. It astonished a good many people who do not keep posted on the eclipses. The moon conducted itself with remarkable coolness during the operation.

100 years ago

On the order of Federal authorities Henrietta Francon, a young French woman, was arrested in Goldfield and is being held pending investigation by immigration officers. It is claimed that the woman came to this country on violation of immigration laws by a man and was forced to lead a life of shame. She says she will be glad to return to France.

70 years ago

A stalactite blowing bubbles in Lehman Caves National Monument has been reported to the Washington office of the National Park Service by custodian T. O. Thatcher. Recently upon entering the Cypress Swamp section of the caves, Mr. Thatcher thought he heard water dripping into a pool. Intrigued by the sound, Thatcher found a small stalactite, which he described as blowing bubbles.

50 years ago

Las Vegas gamblers, who became involved in Cuban gambling are in the process of disposing of their interests there the gaming control board told the state tax commission yesterday. Last April the commission issued an ultimatum telling state licensees they must either come home or lose state licenses. Among those listed were Moe Dalitz, Tom McGinty, Morris Kleinman, Wilbur Clark, Jack Davies, Clifford Jones and Hy Abrams.

20 years ago

Over the Fourth of July weekend a strike force of exterminators sprayed insecticide to kill hundreds of "swallow lice" that invaded the second floor of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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