Letters to the editor

Apology for faulty signs

Recently there has been community interest in whether or not some campaign signs were following the Nevada Statutes. My campaign signs (along with another candidate) were at the center of the storm.

My belief is simply this; the way I conducted myself and how I handled the situation had been the proper and correct way. Let me explain; when first notified about the possible violation my response had been, "if they are wrong I will fix them." After learning about this I made one call to my wife and together we notified family and friends we have a problem, could they meet with us as we needed their help and guidance. We sat down and had a discussion, not about whether the signs were in compliance with Nevada Statutes or should we argue the point? No, we never discussed those topics as options.

Our discussion centered on what is the right thing to do; we decided that removing all campaign signs would be the proper and correct action to take. It is not important to be right, it is far more important to do the right thing and we did.

With their help that very same day that I received notice of a possible infraction we removed all of my political signs. As soon as possible (the second business day after notice) I personally met with Election Deputy Matt Griffin at the Secretary of State's Office and with Mr. Glover, Clerk-Recorder for Carson City. We addressed all of their concerns and demonstrated how we would correct the campaign signs; we assured them that we would take no further action until we received their official ruling about the campaign signs.

On Thursday, July 17 we did receive their approval regarding the corrections made to my campaign signs and we have been given permission to place the campaign signs back in public view.

I made a mistake and I want to apologize to my constituents and to all the other candidates.



Carson City

Governor should do more strategizing than fraternizing

This is in response to the answers to the poll regarding Gov. Jim Gibbons and his right to privacy while being a public and political figure. As you can see, people feel almost equally divided. Yes, he did text a "special lady friend" at the expense of taxpayers, but he corrected that and made amends by way of reimbursement when he found out. A comment was made at the time this was brought to light that this lapse of judgment had been quite some time ago and generally while he was riding in the backseat with not a whole lot to do as he was transported from one place to another.

Now he wishes to date again (and I'm most certain his wife would enjoy that for herself, now, too). While I have no political convictions myself, the only part of all of this that troubles me is that the time spent texting originally, which was prodigious and lengthy and took up numerous upon numerous minutes that finally equaled hours. It could better have been used to serve the state by using that time to review the budget so that 18 months or so later, had that time been put to use "for the people," he might have brain stormed and consulted with advisors and have been able to come up with a better plan for the budget crisis that ended up in a special session.

If Gov. Gibbons had utilized that time quite a while back to strategize vs. fraternize maybe he could have come up with a better, easier plan for the citizens and state for whom he works. It's just a thought.


Carson City

Governor's life is subject to too much gossip

I know it is politically healthy to be able to have our voices and opinions heard in this so-called free land of ours.

But some of these letters are just downright hateful.

Case in point: Makes me wonder where these people get their information, such as the governor's private life? Such as the governor's women friends? Such as: Are they just repeating some gossip? From what I read in the Nevada Appeal this particular letter writer did not say they actually saw the governor at this particular place, which I will not repeat here.

One more point that you so knowingly wrote: "Bet he doesn't get the old folks vote." For your information: He was just elected!

Just the facts, ma'am.


Carson City


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