GE announces layoffs

MINDEN - About 20 people have been laid off at GE Energy's headquarters in Minden, according to communications manager Mark Beckett.

"The number was somewhere in the 20s," Beckett said, "a small adjustment to ensure the profitability of our business."

The plant, which heads GE's optimization and control branch, employs more than 900 people. Worldwide, optimization and control employs about 3,500 people.

Beckett said 130 employees were laid off around the world. At the Minden plant, cuts were made across several departments.

"This isn't reflective of the recession. From a global perspective, this is just an adjustment," Beckett said. "Our business is healthy. Anticipating the future, we make small adjustments that will keep our costs in line in order to compete."

The plant develops and manufactures electronics and other technology used to monitor and increase efficiency of power plants and heavy machinery used in the oil and gas industry. The plant exports about 100,000 products outside the U.S. every year and is one of the largest manufacturers in Northern Nevada.

Beckett said the company provides comprehensive severance packages, including job placement services.

"We can't predict the future, but at this time, we do not anticipate more adjustments," he said.


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