Letters to the editor

An idea for bridge builders

I once again saw the bridge being constructed between Reno and Carson City and wondered about the crosswinds that will be encountered there.

Could it be possible to add an air deflector to the structure on the west side that is two sided, one side to deflect the winds down under the structure and one side to deflect the winds up and over the roadbed about 15 feet. This would eliminate the hazard of the strong winds that will occasionally blow across the bridge.



Let oil companies do more drilling

As the citizens of this country continue to suffer under the high price of energy, the "do nothing" Democrat led congress in Washington continues to well ... do nothing. Reid and Pelosi are sweating out the days until the congressional recess and refusing to permit meaningful debate on domestic drilling. So the Reid-Pelosi plan is to shut down Congress and let the people suffer. According to the Wall Street Journal, at least 65 percent of America's undiscovered, recoverable oil and 40 percent of its natural gas is currently being held hostage by the Congressional drilling moratorium. More and more congressional members seem to be switching their positions to increased drilling but the actions of Reid, Pelosi and other liberal leaders continue to block any progress. Hey leaders, it's economics 101, more drilling equals more supply and lower prices at the pump. That is unless you are in the pocket of the environmentalist groups.


Carson City

McCain missing in action on key votes

Regarding Phillip Beebe's letter about Barack Obama's voting record in the Senate: this is nothing but laughable. If you go to the SAME Washington Post Web site he cites, you will find VERY EASILY that John McCain has missed 63.3 percent of the votes in the current Congress " as opposed to Obama's 44.8 percent. It's not unusual for a Senator running for President to miss a number of votes, especially when fighting a heated primary race " but McCain has been MIA on several vital votes, including votes on veterans' issues. See for yourself: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members.

As a matter of fact, McCain, who touts his "support" of veterans, has a rating of "D" versus Obama's "B+" from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America " while the Disabled American Veterans give McCain a 20 percent rating to Obama's 80 percent, and Vietnam Veterans of America list McCain's votes that would benefit veterans at 15 votes against to 9 votes for. Obama's rating is 1 vote against to 13 votes for.

You just have to laugh. It seems that in Obama's relatively short time in Congress, he has found the time to truly support vital issues such as veterans' benefits, while McCain just can't be bothered. But the Kool-Aid drinkers out there think that by spouting misleading, one-sided statistics, they can worm their way into some kind of validation " even when their own guy's record is abysmally worse.

The truth IS out there. It seems that Republicans don't think we're smart enough to go find it.


Silver Springs

California taxpayers are happy with Prop. 13 results

The front page article by the Appeal proves one thing about Dave Dawley, he is fearless. He is not afraid to make public proclamations about something he apparently knows nothing about. He boldly states that Sharron Angle's tax limitation measure will be "a windfall for local government, but it's going to cost taxpayers a lot." He needs to check with taxpayers in California. The same language in California's Prop. 13 has cut their taxes and made them very happy. Polls taken 20 years after Prop. 13 passed showed taxpayers overwhelmingly approve of the results. The Appeal can certainly check this out. The Appeal forgot a couple of other important points: A) that the rate is fixed at one percent of the taxable value 2003-2004 and one percent of the full cash value going forward and B) owners 62 or older can transfer their base value to a new home of comparable value (of lower or no more than 10 percent higher value). The Appeal should read the initiative where he will find that language. The bottom line is that governments will have to tighten their belts. The Appeal clearly doesn't like that.




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