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Congressman clarifies a quote

On July 28,the Nevada Appeal ran an Associated Press article called "Heller, Derby rematch seen in House race." In that article, a comment contributed to me was taken out of context, and I want to set the record straight. The specific quote was "If you make $500,000 gross in a year, a half million, you are considered wealthy with this Congress and my opponent," Heller said. The correct quote would have been "If you own a small business and make $500,000 gross in a year, a half million, you are considered wealthy with this Congress and my opponent." This statement referred to a tax on small businesses, not on individual income, which was unclear from the article's context.

I am convinced that most members of Congress do not understand the difference between gross and net income. The bill in question included a $52 billion tax increase, affecting 325,000 small businesses owners who employ tens of millions of Americans. This legislation was a jobs killer, and I voted against it. It would have placed a half-percent tax "surcharge" targeting individuals whose gross income is more than $500,000 or couples making more than $1 million. While the increase sounds insignificant, 83 percent of those who would be hit by this tax increase report some or all of their income from a small business, sole proprietorship, or partnership. Any business owner who earns $500,000 gross actually earns considerably less after paying out salaries and operations and maintenance costs. At a time when small businesses are struggling with soaring costs of energy, health care, and other business expenses, the Democratic Majority tried to raise their tax bill too. This is why I opposed this legislation. Congress should instead consider proposals that reduce spending, lower the deficit, and provide permanent relief for all taxpayers.

Dean Heller

U.S. Congressman

Both candidates have poor voting records

The writer in the July 30, YOUR OPINION, accurately pointed out that Barrack Obama only voted 25 times on a 100 bills brought forward in the Senate. When Googling the voting record of John McCain, for the same time period, there were 113 bills brought forward and he didn't cast a single vote. The writer asks if we want a president that is only doing 25 percent of the job. What about one that is doing zero percent of the job? Maybe the reason neither voted during this time is they were running for President of the United States, 7 days a week, traveling across this great country night and day. I am surprised Barrack had time to even find time to vote 25 times. And neither one is a racist as the writer implies or wants us to wonder about


Carson City

Misses the Sunday concerts

This is my first letter to the editor since moving to Carson City from Gardnerville. Each year, for the past five years or so, we have been going to the Legislative Park on Sunday afternoons in the summertime for a concert. These experiences have been very delightful, and we were hoping that they would continue.

I hope that whoever is responsible for organizing these concerts will continue to do so. It is a delightful venue for sitting and listening to the music, while eating a picnic supper.


Carson City


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