Bell set to graduate " and race on Saturday

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Seventeen-year-old Mackena Bell has been an accomplished racecar driver for sometime now and she's not even a high school graduate.

That will change on Saturday when she graduates from Carson High. She will also compete in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at All American Speedway in Roseville, Calif., on the same day. Ande she just happens to be this year's Prom Queen at CHS.

"As soon as I get my diploma and throw my cap in the air, we will jump in the car and speed to Roseville," Bell said. "I'm hoping to get there by practice time. On Sunday my parents are having a big grad party with about 175 people. It's gonna be lots of fun and a good ending to my 'school career.

Following graduation, Bell plans to pursue her dream to race full time. "I'm hoping someone will notice my passion for this crazy sport and allow me the opportunity of a full ride," she said.

While she has every intention of moving up in NASCAR, she also has a back up plan. She will register at Western Nevada College to pursue a career as a Care Flight Nurse, treating trauma patients.

"It really sounds like something interesting and life changing for me and those in need," she said.

When she was named Prom Queen, she attended the prom in a NASCAR-themed checkered-flag dress.

The custom-made NASCAR prom dress was courtesy of a web-savvy mom and racy material from RaceChex (

"When I got nominated (for Prom Queen), I thought, well, if I have to wear a dress and high heels, which is not me " at all " I might as well do it my way," Bell said. "My dress was exactly what I wanted; it was totally me. Everyone loved it. So the night was a good one, and I even did well in the high heels, although my feet were killing me."

Bell is an honors student who's been racing for seven years. In 2002, at the age of 11, Bell was champion in the Super Outlaw Dirt Kart-Box Stock Division at Thunder Bowl Speedway. In 2003, she moved to the 125 cc division and finished in third at Thunder Bowl. In 2005, she was champion in the Asphalt Legends Car Semi-Pro Division, and became the only female to win a Legends Championship at Champion Speedway.

She's a graduate of the Lyn St. James Driver Development Program and was also voted Carson' High's Female Class Clown.

She's going to be a team owner soon as well. Mackena Bell Motorsports is currently owned by Bell and her parents.

"When I turn 18, I'll be listed as primary team owner," she says. "Watch out Rick Hendrick."


Vuki Wilson wasn't able to race over Memorial Day Weekend but his three oldest sons more than carried on his honor at the Western States Dwarf Car Association Nationals in Victorville, Calif. Bobby, Billy and Reese were all able to advance to the main event in the national race.

Vuki, a long-time Minden resident and businessman, has been a local racing personality for more than 35 of his 53 years.

Dwarf cars are open-wheel race cars that are 5/8-scale U.S. built cars and trucks built between 1934 and 1941, powered by modified motorcycle engines that develop in the neighborhood of 180 horsepower. The cars weigh in at around 1,000 pounds which gives them a formidable weight to horsepower rating, resulting in fast, close, exciting races.

Dwarf cars race across the country, with a large number of clubs located in the Western States, resulting in a conglomeration of clubs operating under the same rules and under the umbrella of the Western States Dwarf Car Association.

Five times a year, the WSDCA promotes national races. These national races rotate around five different tracks and the large number of entries require two days of racing to work the field down to the 24 cars that will start in the main event. At Victorville there were 76 entries.

Vuki recently went through neck surgery, keeping him out of the cockpit this year, but his three oldest sons carried on the family name in a big way. All three sons made the main event lineup. Unfortunately, Bobby crashed out early on, and then Billy and Reece got together later on in the main event with Reece finishing in the back and Billy taking fifth, an impressive finish for a national main event.

CNN reporter Terry Kurtz became attracted to Vuki Wilson and his family for many reasons, not the least of which is that Vuki always has a prayer meeting prior to every race, calling the family, friends and crew members together to hold hands and pray for everyone's safety and for a good race. The video of a report on the Wilsons by Kurtz can be seen on YouTube at made a very interesting video that can be accessed at and doing a search for "vuki's pride."


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