Storey repeals ban on carrying firearms

A 1987 ordinance banning the carrying of firearms in Virginia City, Gold Hill or other congested areas has been repealed by the Storey County Commission.

The repeal was necessary because the ordinance conflicted with state law, according to Storey County District Attorney Harold Swafford.

He said that the Nevada Revised Statutes is clear that the state withholds for itself the power to regulate firearms and counties didn't have the right to enact their own regulations.

The ordinance repeals section 9.16.020 of the Storey County Code.

The conflict was discovered earlier this year when Storey County Sheriff Jim Miller attempted to regulate the activities of gunfighters and docents who entertain tourists in Virginia City.

Several felons were found carrying weapons under the guise of being gunfighters, prompting action by Miller.

State law allows for a resident who is not a felon or does not have a domestic violence conviction to carry a gun as long as it is not concealed.

Miller was also seeking to have those carrying guns refrain from drinking alcohol, but state law also allows residents to drink so long as the blood alcohol level doesn't rise above .10.

The Virginia City Convention and Tourism Authority sponsors a docent program, where the docents pledge to refrain from drinking while armed with unloaded weapons.


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