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I went on a pretty impressive ride on Memorial Day. It was a memorial ride. Seventy five bikes showed. A procession of headlights and loud pipes that was at times two miles long, two bikes wide. The really impressive part of it was that all these bikes were riding together today in remembrance of one guy: Randy Olsen, who died on his bike recently. We were also there as a show of support to his wife, Lana.

Seventy five bikes must say something about what kind of people they were and are. On a ride like this, one tends to get a bit reflective. Especially when you think about why we were all there. I think that if Randy were there, something he'd want you to think about is this: Live with passion. Passion for love, for life, for family and friendship.

Live with feeling, the way we felt things when we were kids. Don't lay victim to what life has dumped on you, or what loss you've suffered. There's still a lot of really great parts of life out there to live. I hope that I will be remembered that way.

I hope that when my number is called people will remember how I may have touched their lives, and that I never gave up on life no matter how many times I got knocked down. I hope that when that time comes, everyone that knows me tells my daughters Venice and Kaydance that they were my greatest passion, and that I loved them so deeply that it was sometimes hard to articulate.

At any rate, today was a day to reflect on how quickly life can change, and we only get one go around. So live it, don't wait for the right time or situation.

To Lana, you have my friendship and support. To Randy, go in peace.



Candidates should be more decisive

The V&T advisory question and the public safety question have been discussed at Board of Supervisors meetings and in the newspaper for weeks now. Both topics have drawn strong opinions from Carson City residents. In fact, in a Nevada Appeal poll 79 percent of the respondents stated that their votes for mayor would be influenced by the candidates' positions on these questions.

How then is it possible that only one of the six candidates has declared their position on these important questions? Why are they still undecided?

We desperately need a mayor who is in touch with the crucial financial and quality of life issues facing Carson City.


Carson City

Longs for the quiet days of Carson's west side

The once-upon-a-time, quiet, historical side of Carson City isn't so quiet anymore. At least not on Division Street. The whizzing by of traffic, traveling at speeds much faster than they should, Monday through Friday. A number of the drivers have no clue of their surroundings, possibly because many of them are preoccupied with that modern device called the cell phone, which seems to be glued to their ear.

The deer that sometimes graze around St. Peters Church and get too close to the street or have crossed the street have come pretty close to going to deer heaven. How could one not see a deer?

Then you have the boomers! With their music so loud, it bounces the pictures on our walls. People, this is a residential area - not a freeway! One would think with the rising gas prices, people would drive less. You want those prices to decrease? Then starve the thieves! Drive only if you must.

For you cell phone users, you are just as much a threat on the road as a person driving drunk! If you're preoccupied blabbing on a phone, how can you drive safely? There have been quite a few accidents around here; I pray a vehicle never crashes into my little home because of all the nuts traveling the Division Highway. No more peace and quiet!


Carson City

For the sake of children, drive slowly

I would like to take this time to remind drivers who live or are visiting the area of South Ridge, please SLOW DOWN while driving by the park.

I take my son there often and so do others, and because of the parking on the street, I feel that drivers should slow down to 15 mph! Thank You.


Carson City

Enough about divorce, gay marriage

The Gibbons divorce story finally got moved to page 5 in today's Appeal, instead of front page. Normally I would expect to read this kind of gossip in a supermarket checkout tabloid. Last week, along with the Gibbons divorce story, we were treated to front page headlines concerning the California gay marriage court decision. Given the problems and issues currently facing the citizens of Nevada, we should expect more responsible journalism and that the Nevada Appeal will use their prime real estate (front page, above the fold) to better serve the citizens.

In my opinion, sensational divorce stories do not qualify.


Carson City

A reality check on wilderness

After reading another one of Ms. Silver's diatribes on "her backyard" and the "land grab" (she seems to making the op-ed circuit these days), I felt the need to respond to her.

Ms. Silver's backyard is also my backyard. No, I do not live in Mineral County, but as Ms Silver seems to forget or does not want to consider, public land belongs to all of us, even us city slickers in Reno. I will agree that many places in Mineral County have been overrun by man and his machines, and do not qualify as wilderness, but some of it does.

Just because she lives in Mineral County, it does not mean that it is Ms Silver's unalienable right to ride willy-nilly over every acre of it. Even you must share Ms. Silver. Some parts of Mineral County are very wild and do qualify for wilderness designation. I would like to see some of it designated as wilderness so the rest of us can park our 4X4s every once and a while to hike or to hunt, or just get away for awhile and enjoy some of the unspoiled landscape of Mineral County.

By the way, I am 53 year old construction worker who is a bit out of shape. I don't considered myself a elitist or an environmentalist, nor do I have a plan to take over the world. I am just a guy who loves the outdoors and want to experience it in a wilderness setting.



No sympathy for Gutierrez

Craig Holmes' letter to the editor, "Common sense should prevail before deporting Gutierrez," managed to turn my stomach.

Quite obviously, Holmes knows best. He, and only he, shall dictate which laws will be enforced in the United States.

Richard Gutierrez, an illegal alien, is a serial lawbreaker. He's in this country illegally. In addition, he used another person's Social Security card, (fraud), to illegally gain and maintain employment, thereby denying work to a legal resident. I find it troubling that Holmes supports his amigo's criminal activities.

Holmes has much praise for illegal alien, Gutierrez. Does he also find time to support the illegal activities of bank robbers and corporate pirates? Maybe, he feels only illegal aliens shall break the law with impunity.

I'm in a generous mood this morning. I'm willing to contribute to any fund which will raise enough money to provide illegal alien, Gutierrez, with a one-way bus ticket to the Mexican border. Maybe, Holmes will consider joining him. Adios!


Carson City


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