What gives the Democratic National Committee the right to take away the voice of the voters in Florida and Michigan? It matters not whether I am Democrat or Republican. Nor does it matter what candidate I support. I am not even a Florida or Michigan resident.

Regarding the recent primary elections: Someone in "power" in Florida and Michigan decided to move their primaries forward and the National Committee did not like that. So, they decided to rob the voters in Florida and Michigan of their constitutional right to have their opinion counted. I assure you that it was NOT the voters in Florida or Michigan who made the decision to move the primaries forward.

If I were a Florida or Michigan resident I would be prepared to challenge the decision on the basis of constitutionality! Let the committee punish those who made the decision; not the voters who had no choice.

My feelings regarding the matter are very strong Ð If it can so easily happen in Florida and Michigan, it can happen in Nevada!


Carson City

What does change look like?

Oh, yes, change!

What does that look like historically?

1776 Ð a great change for the American people Ð from King George to a Constitutional Republic Ð limited government through the enumerated powers and the 10th amendment.

1932 Ð F.D.R. from a Constitutional Republic to a Democracy Ð God help the American citizen Ð control centered in Washington, D.C.

1980 Ð R. Reagan back to a Constitutional Republic.

Bush and the Clintons back to Democracy.

2008 Ð Hillary or Obama from a Democracy to a Communist form of government.

2008 Ð McCain Ð who knows.

It was B. Franklin who said, "A Republic if you can hold it."

Well, we have not done so.



The best stimulus would be to shrink government

It's an election year and all factions of our government want to show the true color of their noses.

They want to "stimulus" the economy by sending taxpayers one check for money they don't have - until they print it of course.

This is February, why May or June for the check? Why not print the checks when they print the money? Many will just wind up paying another tax with it, like the AMT.

Some people say they are going to save the money instead of spending it. Who will gain from that?

There is too much detail in how it is to be administered to have been a spur of the moment thing. I'll bet they have been planning it for some time. Have we been lied to again?

George Bush & Co. must be feeling like Kenny Guinn did when he gave money back in 2006.

If all government were to permanently and forever eliminate a minimum of 25 percent of itself and the taxes that support it, that would be a "stimulus package" everybody could do something with.

Maybe this rebate will be compensated for when they double the federal gas tax for road and bridge repair, as proposed.

Somebody a lot smarter than all of us once said, "You can't solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created the problem in the first place." I say, "You can't solve anything by lying about the truth either."


Carson City


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