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Does the title of mayor give you a sense of power? Have you no shame? That you want to shackle "We-the-People" with more taxes? $10M! Are you out of your mind?

My guess is that you are just another politician who wants a legacy that leaves his name on some worthy project?

Is the V&T project large enough for you?

I will try my level best to campaign against this "gouge the taxpayers," at a time when the economy is at a new low.

Believe me!


Carson City

Save Village Market from Silver Springs advisory board

When I left the Silver Springs Advisory Board meeting, I felt sick, due to the blatant disregard for the way things are supposed to work in this United States and even in Lyon County.

Development of any project is conducted by first gaining access to property and making it suitable for the needs defined by what you want to build. This re-zoning was done by the rules set down by Lyon County.

What bothered me most is the fact that about 10 to 12 people in the room, including some of the Town Advisory Board members, have no regard for existing businesses in the Silver Springs area. Village Market is their latest target for destruction.

During this meeting the subject came up about not wanting a retail development (that will include a grocery store) in an outlying part of town. Move it to the downtown area in the vicinity of the four corners was a common comment. Amidst all of the discussion, not once did anyone on the advisory board bother to mention or question the future of Village Market.

No thought was given to the obvious action of a few property owners intent on putting Village Market out of business after being the fuel and local food store for many, many years.

It looks like those of us that do care about protecting and preserving existing businesses need to start a SAVE VILLAGE MARKET FROM THE ADVISORY BOARD campaign. God help Silver Springs with leaders who can't see beyond an issue directly in front of them or give any consideration to the total picture of the area instead of one zoning change.

A well-positioned new development should be seen as a boost to not only our tax base for the county, but jobs for local people. It is shameful that a fully established and long standing local business should be threatened in the area that is growing fast enough to accommodate the new as well as the existing!



Carson City

Family grateful for those who helped

The family of Jack G. Bird Sr. would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who were so considerate to Jack and his family during this sad time. First: Thank you to Dr. Murphy and his staff. They were all so very good to him.

Thanks to Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare for the great care received there.

Thank you to all the caring people who were here for us at this time.

A very special thanks to Rev. Bruce Kochsmeier and the people at the First Presbyterian Church. They made a very sad day so special to our family.

Last, thanks to the Nevada Appeal for the nice article written about our Dad and husband.


Carson City

Hoping for more cowboy poetry

Once again the Cowboy Jubilee and Poetry event on Saturday night was wonderful entertainment. However, I was very sad to read in the Sunday paper Delsye Mills saying this would be the last because of poor ticket sales.

If we all promise to bring friends and family to next year's performance, we could easily fill the empty seats. Please don't discontinue such a fun evening out. Sour Dough Slim was hilarious as usual, Rod Nelson was great, and the Quebe Sisters, oh my gosh, I could hardly sit still in my chair.

I wanted to get up and dance. They are very talented fiddle players. The tri-tip dinner was delicious. We really had a good time. Thank you Delsye for all your hard work putting the night together and I hope there will be many more.




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