No layoffs expected in Lyon budget crunching

Lyon County Manager Dennis Stark expects the next budget to be balanced without county workers losing their jobs.

The county commissioners will hold budget hearings on Wednesday, and possibly into Thursday and Friday, to hammer out the details of the fiscal 2008/2009 budget.

The commissioners will look at the county budget and hear requests from department heads on what their needs will be.

Stark said thanks to the number of retirements, no layoffs were planned.

"We came up with a balanced budget," he said. "What's alleviating some of the financial situation is the retirements and the ability to not fill some positions rather than do layoffs. So it's attrition rather than cuts."

Comptroller Josh Foli said that despite less revenue than expected this year, he didn't feel this budget was more difficult than the last.

"I think it will follow the same format," he said.

Foli said next year's revenues should be about $100,000 more than the last fiscal year's.

Even with that, Stark expects things to be tough in the future, and he's not waiting until this year's budget is complete to work on the next one.

"We may be in the same position or even less fortunate next year, so we're starting to look through next year's budget even before these hearings," he said.

The commission will also be holding workshops on the budgets of the Willowcreek General Improvement District, the Mason Valley Mosquito Abatement District, the Walker River Weed Control District, the Central Lyon County Vector Control District and the Silver Springs General Improvement District.

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If You Go

WHAT: Lyon County Commission budget workshops

WHEN: 9 a.m. Wednesday (possibly continuing to Thursday and Friday)

WHERE: 27 S. Main St., Yerington

CALL: 463-6531


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