Stabbing victim saved by strangers

Two girls driving down Long Street on Thursday night likely saved the life of a Carson City teen who was jumped by rival gang members and stabbed in the heart, an official said Friday.

Detective Daniel Gonzales said Friday the two girls saw three men chasing someone with a knife around 7 p.m. The driver made a U-turn and headed back toward the scene when they saw the assailants on the victim. The driver began to honk the horn and eventually scared away the assailants. The women then pulled the victim into their vehicle and rushed him to the hospital.

"They came to this guy's aid, who they don't even know," said Gonzales. "They kept honking their horn. Their intention was to get people's attention and get them out of their houses. They didn't hesitate to help."

The victim under went emergency surgery to repair the hole left in his heart by the knife blade.

Lt. Bob White said the 18-year-old victim, who is not being identified, was in serious but stable condition on Friday.

According to the victim, he knew the three were from a rival gang, but did not know their names, said White. It's believed that the men were driving past the victim as he walked west on Long Street when they spotted him.

"They see him walking down the street so they pull over, jump out of the car and start going after him. He's trying to get away and they stab him," said White.

White said the victim is a documented gang member, and was released Wednesday from a juvenile detention facility in Las Vegas.

White said police are looking for a silver Neon or a green Kia Sephia. Investigators are also certain that other drivers may have witnessed something.

"We are counting on somebody maybe driving by to tell us what they saw. We've only had a couple phone calls on this, but a witness told us there was a lot of traffic going by at the time," said White.

Anyone with information is asked to call 887-2020 ext. 41401.

• Contact reporter F.T. Norton at or 881-1213.


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