Situation at Carson Colony resolved peacefully

A Carson Colony man who barricaded himself into his home on the Carson Colony Sunday afternoon is now in custody.

The situation was resolved peacefully at about 2:30 a.m., according to Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong.

The man, Brandon Nevers, 44, fired several shots into the air over a span of about an hour beginning at 3:30 p.m. Sunday from his trailer on Oneida Street, where he lives alone.

He made unspecified threats and indicated that he wanted to die. Officers did not fire upon Nevers.

Several families were evacuated from nearby homes shortly after the shots were fired. About 20 people waited at the Carson Colony Gym at the corner of Curry and Oneida streets.

The FBI was called to the scene and negotiated with Nevers during the night. They consulted with Nevers' brothers and sisters as they negotiated. Law enforcement officials stressed they would not take any risks to resolve the situation quickly because that might endanger officers or Nevers.

Nevers works as a security employee for the colony, and also does maintenance work and helps tribal elders.

Authorities said Nevers had been drinking heavily prior to the incident, although some of the evacuees said he had stopped drinking alcohol in recent years, after being diagnosed with diabetes.

Furlong estimated there were about 25 law enforcement officers on scene from the FBI, tribal police and from Carson City. An ambulance stood at the ready throughout the incident.

At one point, police arrested a man who attempted to walk toward Nevers' trailer to talk with him.


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