AT&T warns Nevadans of solicitors

AT&T says to watch out for solicitors who are trying to change Nevada consumers communications providers without permission.

A representative said the company has gotten complaints that these solicitors offer free phone cards in exchange for personal information they use to switch the providers of consumers.

This tactic is illegal and known as "slamming," a representative said.

The company recommended that consumers:

- Take charge of incoming calls. Fraudulent callers may misrepresent themselves. If you doubt the identity of the caller, hang up. AT&T customers can contact an AT&T customer service representative for assistance.

- Ask questions first. When a caller offers to switch your phone service to a new provider or requests sensitive information, ask questions. Verify the identity of the company, what it offers and at what price, and get contact information for the service representative. If you intend to switch only one services, such as long distance service, confirm that it is the only service to be affected.

- Read telephone bills carefully. Make sure that you thoroughly understand the charges on your phone bill and that you only receive charges from the provider that you've chosen. If your local service has been changed, you will receive a final bill from the old provider and a notice of service disconnection.

- Be suspicious of alleged changes to your service. Some AT&T customers have received calls or mailings from companies claiming to bill or provide services on behalf of AT&T. AT&T has not consolidated billing functions with an outside agency or communications provider.

AT&T says to call (700) 555-4141 to verify your long distance company. You will need to call from the telephone number you believe has been slammed.


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