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I am an active native Nevadan, senior citizen on oxygen therapy.

We are constantly getting rate increases and even a recent decrease from Sierra Pacific Power. How many people out there know, besides those of us affected, that this big profit-making company gives no discounts whatsoever for the thousands of people who are dependent on electricity for medical equipment, myself included. In order to qualify for a "green cross" which would provide a portable generator, there has to be a "planned outage" of eight or more hours.

In all of my years in rural Nevada, we have had outages from five minutes to 10 hours and never ONCE was one of them PLANNED.

When my husband was alive, we were running two oxygen concentrators and my bill dropped $27 the month after his was disconnected.

Why can we not get discounted rates for oxygen equipment, dialysis equipment, and whatever other medical equipment that is medically prescribed? Most people using this equipment are already on fixed incomes and have limited finances.

My own SS is too high to qualify for any state assistance but not high enough to pay for the gas to get to medical treatment. Go figure, huh?



Cutting work week would save gas

I just don't understand. With fuel prices at record highs, we are being forced to drive our vehicles more, in that a major shift change from 12 hour shift to 8 hour shift. Therefore forcing the majority of NDOC officers to drive 1 to 2 more days each week! Doesn't sound like much? Well multiply the average 15 to 20 mile one way drive by 500 to 600 officers statewide (conservative estimate). Add it up.

Forcing certain shops (maintenance) to take an hour lunch!? It was a straight 8-hour day as emergencies will happen (water leaks, power loss etc.) and staff was always on hand. Now most everybody will drive somewhere for that mandatory one-hour lunch period. Another waste of fuel!

I believe that our state management should step back and take a look at reality. In this day and age of fuel shortages and time management - WAKE UP! We really need to stop wasting our precious fossil fuels. Go to 10 and 12 hour shifts, straight shifts. By cutting the work week we could save several thousand gallons monthly!


Carson City

Good upbringing and politics don't mix

It looks like the Bush Administration is up to its old agenda of casting out evil around the world. Iran is next mostly because Bush wants to be a "war hero president." What keeps many good people from getting into politics? Mark Twain said it: "A sure sign of good upbringing is never letting on how little you think of the other person and, at the same time suppressing how good you feel about yourself." Most people of good upbringing, who follow this adage will never make it in politics.



Letter writer should have kept opinions to himself

With absolutely no idea what the criteria for printing letters to the editor might be (if there be any), today's (March 5) issue carried a letter captioned "What Makes Clemens Lie so Special," and this letter posited virtually every element that is offensive.

First the writer accused those holding positions in government as liars with no verifiable facts to support such an accusation plus, misstating the reason for the sudden prominence of Valerie Plame who was not, let me repeat was not, an undercover agent. She was a desk jockey who had been exposed several years ago by her husband, ex-ambassador Wilson.

Let the name callers be told to peddle their political spite elsewhere. It is difficult enough to accept the slanted editorial views - which right the First Amendment grants to journalists - without needing to bear the insults of political spite by letter writers.




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