A dramatic example of selflessness

Christine Bradley was chosen as the Red Cross Hero of the Year last week in Reno for Northern Nevada. But that wasn't the reason the Carson City woman gave one of her kidneys to a co-worker.

She's one of those special people who do such things out of a genuine concern for others and for that we're all lucky. We know there are many examples of such selflessness in the businesses and neighborhoods in our community that the public never hears about, but few are as dramatic as endangering yourself by giving away a kidney in hopes it will extend someone else's life.

Many people would do that for a family member, but Bradley, after miraculously being confirmed as a match, donated to a co-worker and acquaintance - someone she did not know well - at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

She exemplifies the purpose of the awards - honoring those who have shown courage, dedication and unselfish character by helping their neighbors or strangers.

The awards also serve as a reminder that there are things we can do to be prepared in case we're ever in a position to save others. That includes training in CPR and first aid.

Contact the Red Cross to find out about upcoming classes.

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