Incline Village officials consider recreation pass

The Incline Village General Improvement District currently is planning two public meetings to take place this summer, regarding the district's recreation pass and punch card ordinance.

At Wednesday's IVGID Board of Trustees meeting, trustees unanimously adopted the decision to hold the public meetings, after the board discussed an action plan for updating Ordinance No. 7.

"This is a subject that is very thorny at best," said Bea Epstein, board chairwoman. "It's an issue where you're not going to satisfy 100 percent of the people, and we acknowledge that."

Prior to the vote, Incline resident Tom Bruno, chair of the Ordinance No. 7 committee updated the board on the group's progress since it first met Jan. 23.

He said the group did as much as it could the past few months to come up with proposed changes, and it could go no further without board direction.

Bruno also said he felt some citizens didn't fully understand some of the proposed changes, namely ones involving how many recreation passes with full or restricted recreation access should be distributed among IVGID citizens.

"There are quite a few misconceptions about what went on in those meetings," Bruno said. "The only thing I can say is that you actually had to be there at the meetings to understand what really happened."

Originally, the Ordinance No. 7 committee was to develop proposed changes from meeting the past few months for the IVGID board to consider, with the plan being for the board to adopt changes by May 15, in time to be written into the 2008-2009 fiscal year budget. However, trustees have since acknowledged the original plan may have been a bit far-fetched.

"I believe we misguided (the group), and I think we expected results much too quickly," said IVGID trustee Gene Brockman during Wednesday's meeting. "But this ordinance does need to be updated."


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