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Wilderness proposal not going away

Sen. Harry Reid recently sent a letter to our local and state representatives assuring them that if it was the desire of local residents NOT to have 600,000 acres designated a wilderness, he would honor their wishes and not pursue the matter. HOWEVER, the representatives from a wilderness coalition attending a meeting in Smith Valley of more than 750 people last month stated emphatically that they would continue in their efforts to ram this through (as a matter of fact, it was the only straight answer they gave that evening " when asked directly, will you go through with this, the answer was YES.) My guess is that these politically involved groups don't care what you think and believe they have the power to prevail!

The proposed area in question includes, but not exclusively, the Sweetwater Range - currently used for grazing, wood-cutting, mining, camping, and by the Navy (they have a landing strip there). This is not to imply the removal of the Sweetwater or any other affected lands will make this more acceptable. Among our state officials supporting the rejection of this takeover are Gov. Gibbons, Sen. Mike McGinness, Assemblyman Tom Grady and all the Commissioners in Lyon, Mineral and Esmeralda counties.

The argument put forth by Sen. Reid's staff was that this was being done for ALL the people of the country. Make no mistake " this is battle between socialism (i.e. big government) and the America our forefathers created for us and died to protect. It is a blatant attempt to take from the many to give to a chosen few (in this case one came from Alaska to tell us what we need) " supposedly so our grandchildren will be able to enjoy "unspoiled beauty of nature." How can they enjoy it if they can't get to it? What will be there to enjoy when the water has disappeared, fires have burned the vegetation and animals have moved elsewhere? How will they even care, if they have not grown up enjoying this beautiful country as we can do now?

This issue is not going away and we must be VERY vigilant in protecting our land and our freedom.



Muth's comments irresponsible

I believe civility and good manners can solve most problems, although neither should be mistaken for weakness.

Chuck Muth's recent diatribe ("The root of all public education evil," April 28, 2008) against individuals on the State Board of Education and his ad hominem attack of a state employee is inexcusable.

Mr. Muth's incessant anti-government (state and federal), anti-taxes, and anti-public schools rhetoric is seriously uninformed, reckless and makes no contribution to enlightened debate within our community.

I have not had much contact with the State Board of Education in recent years, but they are elected public officials and if one doesn't like their decisions, one can take actions to have them recalled or to see that they are not reelected. One can also make arrangements to meet with individual board members, personally and ask them to explain their comments or their actions. I doubt Mr. Muth did that.

Mr. Muth's attack on an individual state employee is reprehensible. I have worked with Tom McCormack ( I am a member of the Silver State Charter High School Board and was on the original organizing committee for the school four years ago) and have always found Mr. McCormack helpful and knowledgeable.

Should there be disagreement, however, there are formal ways to lodge a complaint against a state employee. Muth chose to ignore the formal complaint procedure and simply lashed out, publicly, against someone who is working hard to serve the public, and who, by the way, will not be able to protect himself from these kinds of gratuitous attacks. These are the tactics of "right-wing bully's" and should not be tolerated.

Muth appears to me to be not only uniformed, but irresponsible. I strongly suggest that the Appeal's editors consider replacing Mr. Muth with someone who is more knowledgeable and thoughtful about the issues he is addressing.

Chuck Muth adds nothing to the serious challenges facing our community and its public schools.


Carson City


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