SAGE commission will provide some valuable answers

We're hoping the Spending and Government Efficiency Commission charged with rooting out government waste in Nevada has tremendous success at the endeavor, but its findings will be valuable either way.

Depending on whom you talk to, Nevada's government has either been cut to the bone by recent budget cuts, or it's awash in wasteful spending. It would be nice to get an impartial take on that issue.

Carson City is a government town, and we can understand why such a commission will have many of our residents nervous " whether they work for a state agency or a company that counts state government as an important customer. Even those agencies spending every penny wisely may have reason to be fidgety.

Why? Imagine you've been told your household budget is full of wasteful spending and that auditors are on their way to tell you what you can and cannot spend money on. You'd certainly be hoping that auditor is truly impartial and willing to listen to just why it's necessary to stock your pantry with more than just white bread.

SAGE Chairman Bruce James, however, seems a wise choice for the task based on his past expertise, and that both the governor and legislative leaders will name members of the bi-partisan panel should guard against witch hunts and cutting out services that Nevadans depend upon (health facility inspections come to mind).

Our enthusiasm for the prospects of the commission may not be as great as those who believe it is the answer to all that ails the state economically -- it's likely all the big-ticket cuts were made long ago "but it's still an idea we endorse in an economy where every penny counts.

This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board


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