Letters to the editor

Gee, Mr. Jere Schultz, your letter to the Nevada Appeal titled, "Paul supporters should unite, not disrupt GOP" on Thursday, May 1, 2008 was sure sour.

You know a good argument will pound the facts when the facts are on your side and, when they are not, you pound the table. Boy, you sure are a good table pounder!

You used the word "loser" 10 times in your short, little negative article trying to discredit the Ron Paul supporters for an honest, decent, effort to participate in the democratic process.

I guess you approve of the democratic process when it provides you with the results you want and when it does not, you are willing to throw that process in the garbage can so you can have what you want. HOW UNAMERICAN!

Long live Ron Paul.


Carson City

Mustangs aren't getting our tax dollars

Mr. Collins should get his facts straight before he runs off his mouth. The state does not spend any of your tax dollars except to remove the horses. Doing so is inhumane! They have been there long before us, and have the right to live free.

It has been documented that only a small percentage of the herd are domestic horses gone wild.

The rest are our national treasure, THE MUSTANG. The range supplies them with enough forage to sustain their well being. Rest easy, Mr. Collins - your tax dollars are not being spent for feed.


Carson City

Divorce story would play well in the movies

Regarding Gov. Gibbons' divorce filing, the divorce courts have no jurisdiction over the disposition of state-owned property. If the governor is unable to convince his wife that she has no rights to the mansion, all he has to do, after the divorce, is have the state property custodian issue an eviction notice. If she doesn't comply it's time to send in the State Police. This affair has all of the ingredients for the plot of a Keystone Cop-type movie.


Carson City

Douglas needs to do more to attract seniors

During the last few years there has been a significant increase in the senior (older than age 65) population in the United States primarily because of the "Post Depression" babies reaching retirement age. This trend is expected to continue as the first "baby boomers" turn 65 starting in 2010.

Where are all of these seniors relocating for their retirement? Well we know it is not in Douglas County. As you drive around the county, the number of vacant houses and "For Sale" and "For Rent" signs you see is unbelievable.

Besides that, there are several dormant housing developments which were primarily designed to be sold to seniors. We are rapidly losing ground in attracting retirees to our county.

Our county commissioners have done nothing to alleviate this situation and make Douglas County more attractive to retirees. Not only have they failed to approve the construction of a new senior center but recently they approved significant cuts in the Senior Services budget for the next fiscal year.

They have approved conceptual plans for expanding the existing jail and a new detention faculty. This sends two messages to retirees: 1. the county does not want new seniors and 2. there will be a considerable increase in the crime rate with no potential increase in population.

During the last few years I have visited many senior centers in retirement areas in the western United States. At several of these locations the local Realtors use the centers as showcases to attract retirees.

For some reason our local businessmen and politicians don't believe that retirees, who are potential real estate buyers, are well informed on how Douglas County treats its seniors. Our seniors are far more intelligent about local conditions than the county businessmen and politicians like to perceive.

It's time that our County Commissioners and Chamber of Commerce wake up and realize that a viable senior population is essential to the financial welfare of our county.




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