Three days to hope for more races

We'd like to thank those candidates who've filed for public office, but we hope there's a stampede at clerks' offices before the filing period ends on Friday. There are just too many pressing issues facing state and local governments that can best be addressed by considering the ideas of candidates running for office.

Thus far, the filing period has brought a large field of Carson City mayoral candidates, which ensures there will be a healthy debate on how the city should confront the problems it faces, but only one of the two supervisors races is contested. While the mayor is considered the leader and figurehead for the city, the mayor's vote carries no more weight than a supervisor's.

The lack of activity is particularly perplexing when it comes to the school board, whose actions have been watched closely, and often criticized, by residents. Incumbents have filed in districts 2 and 5, and a newcomer in district 7, but so far no races have materialized. Maybe we'll have to conclude the school board is doing a good job after all.

While we will see a Heller/Derby rematch for Congress, we're hopeful that races will materialize for the State Legislature. Thus far Bonnie Parnell is unopposed in District 40 and James Settelmeyer in District 39.

Fortunately, there's still plenty of time left to file and that's exactly what we hope many local residents do.

• This editorial represents the view of the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board


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