Couple sought in embezzlement from Carson City doctor

Arrest warrants have been issued for a Reno couple suspected of embezzling thousands of dollars and forging hundreds of prescriptions from a Carson City doctor.

Traci Ann Martin, 39, is wanted by Carson City investigators on suspicion of three felony counts of theft, seven counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, one count of attempted theft and one count of conspiracy to commit theft. Her husband David Edward Martin, 39, is being sought on suspicion of three counts of theft and one count of conspiracy to commit theft.

According to Detective Bob Motamenpour, Traci Martin worked 10 years for Dr. Phil M. Aldrich at his John Street office. In January, the doctor became concerned because of "cash flow irregularities" at his practice and he asked that his books be audited, Motamenpour said.

During the audit, an accountant allegedly found $40,000 to $50,000 missing from Aldrich's account.

When investigators looked at the books, it appeared that between 2005 and 2007 Traci Martin wrote herself more than $100,000 in checks on top of her regular salary, and she wrote out nearly $10,000 in checks to her husband, Motamenpour said.

Additionally, Traci Martin allegedly called in 123 prescriptions for herself and 196 prescriptions for her husband, garnering more than 15,000 pills of the brand-name prescription painkillers Hydrocodone, Vicodin and Provigil, a mild central nervous system stimulant.

Hydrocodone and Vicodin are the brand names of prescription painkillers.

She is also accused of using the doctor's credit card to pay for her personal utility bills.

Motamenpour said during an interview that Traci Martin allegedly admitted the embezzlement and prescription fraud, stating the couple needed the money because of financial troubles, and that she and her husband suffered from prescription drug addictions.

"Traci said she took about 15 pills a day and David probably took more than 20 pain killers and Provigil a day," Motamenpour said.

He said the couple were to surrender to police on Wednesday, but their attorney called to say they were having "child care issues," concerning their 7-year-old.

He said he's uncertain where the couple is living now, and that they were evicted from their Reno rental home shortly after Traci Martin came under suspicion.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Traci or David Martin, Motamenpour asked that they call 887-2020 ext. 41406. And he offered a warning to people who might be inclined to help the Martins avoid authorities.

"If anybody knowingly gives them a safe haven, they can be prosecuted for harboring a fugitive. These are serious felonies," said Motamenpour.


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