Why is the governor in Iraq?

A message to Gov. Gibbons: The people of an arid, economically depressed land are in desperate need of your leadership abilities as they struggle through one of the most difficult periods they've seen in years.

That's Nevada we're referring to, not Iraq.

The news of the governor's trip to Iraq couldn't have come as a bigger surprise, with the state immersed in problems of all descriptions. But of course the governor is also under the weight of a bundle of personal problems that probably make his trip to the war-torn Middle East country seem like a vacation.

The governor's stated reason for the trip is a noble one, to ensure Nevada residents fighting there know "our entire state is standing behind them." We're sure the troops appreciate the gesture, but we have a feeling that, while most of them were likely smiling and shaking hands, they were probably wondering like us why you just didn't send an e-mail. It's cheaper and it gives you more time to spend on your real job - finding solutions to the problems suffocating Nevada's economy, schools and work force.

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