Dayton's Memorial Day ceremony a moving experience

For those who want to remember the war dead, Dayton has a wonderful event at the historic cemetery above Old Town at 9 a.m. Monday to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I went last year, and was very moved by the playing of Taps, the flag displays and the obvious pride the community takes in its war heroes.

Sometimes I look at the men and women who fight or have fought in wars and wonder what I would have done had I been tested the way they are. I was not medically qualified for the military when I looked into joining up in the late '70s, so I'll never know. But I stand in awe of those who went.

If you have a chance, stop by and pay your respects. It's worth getting up early on a holiday.


Saturday is Virginia City's annual Celebration of Heroes Parade, so there will be plenty of veterans and plenty of flags. Remember, hats come off and hands go on hearts when the flag goes by.

I know some places print that we are honoring veterans; actually the parade is to honor the memory of those killed in war. Veterans Day is when we honor veterans. But I think you can never say thank you too much, so it's OK to thank a vet this weekend. And if you know a Gold Star family, thank them, too.


Jamie Poston of the Virginia City Highlands was honored by the Rocky Mountain Academic Talent Search for being one of the top scoring students from a seven-state region for the 2007-08 academic year.

Jamie, 12, is the daughter of Jim and Patti Poston, and she is homeschooled.

She was honored Saturday at a ceremony on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, along with other students.

She scored in the top 10 percent on the ACT EXPLORE exam, and for achieving the highest score on the English portion of the exam.

According to the organization, the SAT/ACT/ EXPLORE exams are offered to eligible students in grades 3-9 to assess and recognize academically talented youth in the top 95 percent of nationally normed standardized test scorers.

Since grade level testing often does not reveal the upper limits of gifted students' abilities, talent search participants are offered the opportunity to take a college entrance test.

By using a more difficult test (one with a higher "ceiling"), the academic talent search provides valuable assessment information to help students recognize and develop their academic strengths and identify educational programming that best matches their interests, pace, and abilities.

You read so much about kids struggling with school, or dropping out, or going on a shooting spree, it's nice to hear about those who have more upstairs than the rest of us.

And congratulations to Jim and Patti, too. Who knows, they might get to be both parents of the year and teachers of the year.


It's great to have so many theater groups nearby. I can see the Gold Hill Theater Troupe, the Misfits of Dayton, the Red Rose troupe of Silver City and the Virginia City High School Theater Muckers at various times of the year. Plus other groups come in for shows at Piper's Opera House from time to time.

The Gold Hill Hotel has held over "The Sunshine Boys" for another week, it's been so popular.

If you haven't had a chance to see this play, try to go Wednesday at 8 p.m. Richard McGregor's performance of an old Jewish comic is something no theater-lover should miss.

The play is $10, and if you include dinner, from 5 to 7 p.m., it's $28.

Next week the Theater Muckers put on a full-length play and four one-act plays, and trust me, these kids are good.

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