Letters to the editor

OK! Max! Let's do it! Let's build the casino. NOW!

Sometimes we have to settle for less than what we want. In this case the size of the sign isn't all that important. It is to you, but there are others to consider.

I believe you should consider the property owner, Greg Malavazos, who says he lives within 300 feet of the illuminated sign. You would be doing the whole Carson Valley a valuable service in many ways, such as opening up many needed jobs for local people. I might add, without hiring illegals, which I believe is against the law.

I wish you good luck in your endeavor, which has probably been a dream of yours for many years.


Carson City

Didn't like comments from Storey candidate

Those were interesting comments by our new school board president and I hope this isn't indicative of the way he intends to run this race. Hateful comments right out of the gate? We don't need this. He is a part of a school board that has been controversial and divisive; one that has generated ill will in a community that prides itself in diversity, tolerance and cooperation. I have attended school board meetings where asking questions or making suggestions is met with disdain. No wonder so few parents attend anymore.

Cathylee James has been a contributing member of this community for more than 10 years. She has devoted countless hours in elected and volunteer positions and she puts the community, the schools and the children above all else. She will help to foster a cooperative atmosphere where parents are not viewed as adversaries but as partners. This is the kind of person we need in the seat, not someone like Chapman who admits he doesn't want the job, he just doesn't want someone else to have it! Well, he's certainly shown his colors.


Gold Hill

Incline barbecue rules too restrictive

The recent increased intention on the part of the fire department to enforce the 1991 code which prohibits condominium owners from using a barbecue on their decks or patios is the worst example of the "nanny state" in action.

How? By taking away the enjoyment a person can have on his own property.

Why? Because we are told it is "possible" that such a barbecue could cause a fire. Candles inside anyone's home could also cause a fire (and do a lot more often than a barbecue) Ð shall we then ban candles as well?

A stove improperly used can cause a fire as well but we see no attempts to ban stoves.

This is regulation made with good intent gone too far. If a person is seen to be improperly using a barbecue by a neighbor then the fire department or condominium management can investigate it, deal with it on the spot and move on.

Take it from an old ex-fireman: There are a lot more significant threats than a guy cooking with a barbecue on his deck.

This regulation should be repealed or revised.


Incline Village


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