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I recently talked to some friends who are having trouble with a medical center in Reno. It seems that this august institution has decided to go back after literally hundreds, maybe more, folks for old medical bills that are off the books. My friends were told that some of their charges above Medicare would be written off and not to worry about them. They haven't even been billed for these old bills for years. Now all of a sudden all the billing people who had told them this information are no longer with the company. Today they were told that there were 60 old billings that were going to be turned to collections. These people are on limited income and thought they were up to date on most everything. In fact it is a matter of pride to them that they were able to pay off all the labs, x-rays, etc. that come with hospital bills to now find out they are ruined financially. My elderly friends are devastated and bewildered. Is this really happening to hundreds of people or is an over-zealous new billing clerk terrorizing them?



Wild lands important to the future

I understand why the good folks in Lyon County are riled up and I suppose I might feel the same. I was fortunate to share a meal and a conversation with a couple of them and I can say they are decent hardworking people. If there was one subject where everyone agreed was Wovoka. Wovoka is a wild and well-preserved 80,000-acre area rich in cultural resources from the Ancients to Jack Wilson and the Ghost Dance. Wovoka has always been an important part of America's wild heritage and as Americans we should be proud of the early residents of Lyon County. Wovoka made them strong and taught them the value of hard work and good stewardship toward the land. No one can say that the folks in Lyon County do not know how to care for the wild places; it is a proud tradition in Lyon County. It would be my heartfelt request for folks to think about these changing times, and how some people from the outside have no respect for the wildlands, little understanding of America's wild heritage, and no appreciation of the outdoor way of life. Folks from Lyon many years from now will need a wild Wovoka to forge their character and test their metal. It would be a precious unselfish act for you to give a wild and unblemished Wovoka to the Lyon County of the future just as the past gave this treasured gift to you.



Freedom-loving citizens like Wagner

John Wagner is a candidate for the Assembly Seat in District 40 as an Independent American Party candidate.

John lists many reasons for changing parties to the Independent American Party. One reason cited is his love for the country and the Constitution of the United States.

John sees this as a good time to build the party. Many Ron Paul supporters have left the Republican Party and are joining the Independent Americans, who are also attracting all freedom loving citizens. Wagner feels there is no need for another party as the IAP is affiliated with the Constitution Party.

John was also elected as the vice-chairman of the Independent American Party of Nevada at their recent state convention held in Reno.

Patricia PUCHERT

Carson City

Supports Haskins for mayor

It is good to see the mayoral candidates who have filed and it ought to be an interesting race. I will support Ken Haskins for mayor because he is the only candidate who has both the administrative skills and is a community oriented person. He has 28-plus years of community involvement in numerous projects and events. He has also built the church he pastors to over 300 members and is a very proficient administrator. Yet, he is what others like to call a "people person," which is rare for someone to have the ability to be both. Ken Haskins is a communicator and a listener; and this is what our residents need. The good citizens of Carson City deserve and need someone who will not only listen to their concerns about issues; but someone who will get things done. Carson City needs someone who is "in tune" with the voters. This election, that person would be Ken Haskins.


Carson City

Election letter policy

The Nevada Appeal welcomes letters to the editor about candidates in the Aug. 12 primary election and will make every effort to publish all we receive.

Letters stand the best chance to be published if they are brief and contain opinions on issues of broad concern.

We ask that letters endorsing candidates be based on the candidate's action or stance on an issue, rather than personality or friendship. Each writer is limited to one letter of endorsement for a candidate.

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