Letters to the editor

I would like to thank the Nugget Casino and its employees for a great Veterans Memorial celebration at the Nugget Sunday night. Kudos to the Sea Cadets for the colors presentation. At the conclusion, TAPS by a bugler, impressive; there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


Carson City

Impressed by high school's senior senior dance

The other day we read in the paper that on May 16 there was going to be "Senior Senior" dance at Silver Oaks Golf Course, and it was a community affair. This was put on and hosted by the senior Carson High School graduating class of 2008. We decided to go to this dance, and looking back upon the evening we were pleasantly and positively impressed by the quality and effort made by those who organized and hosted this affair.

The music was very good and performed by a live band from the high school. And joy of joy they played music that our age could relate to; fortunately the music was not too loud and there were no amplifiers. The seniors proved to be excellent hosts, they were very gracious and treated the seniors as honored guests. They danced with us and talked with us as if we were quite special. All together they did everything in their ability to make this an extremely memorable and pleasant occasion.

It was a pleasure to attend this function and if possible we will attend next year's dance. We would like to sincerely thank the senior class and all those who were responsible for planning and creating a fine evening.


Carson City

Education Association isn't a true union

The article reporting on the Nevada Education Association identifies it as a union; that is in error, because the NEA refuses to strike. It is a professional organization like the AMA, or ABA, only without teeth. The AFT that I belonged to was a union, and we could and did go on strike to get the salary and benefits we deserved. As far as the NEA's room tax proposal the state and the casino industry should jump on board, because the alternative was a 3 percent tax on casinos, much needed for Nevada's schools. People objecting to the room tax, should then come up with another way to support our schools, which are in woeful shape and getting worse.


Las Vegas

Democrats are making U.S. a third world country

Surely President Bush must be to blame for the high gas prices, the high cost of food, the high price of heating your home, the unemployed, and the fall of the housing market.

Or is he: Let's look at the price of gas when the Democrats took over the Congress. Price at the pump, just above $2. Food cost was the lowest and most plentiful in the world. You could heat your home at a very reasonable cost and unemployment was the lowest in history. And finally the housing market was booming.

Yes Bush must be at fault. The president cannot spend money, the president cannot make laws, and the president cannot hold hearings.

Is this turndown the fault of the President or the Democratic Congress. They refuse to allow drilling for oil here in the U.S. or in Alaska. They do an excellent job of holding hearings, especially on baseball players. (That is a real example of protecting us). And holding hearings accusing all the Republicans of doing something wrong.

Have these people read the Constitution of the United States that explain their job in Washington. Apparently not.

Lastly, we can thank Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for the excellent job they have done bringing the U.S. to its knees and almost making the U.S. a third world country.


Carson City


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