Board to vote on putting room tax question on Carson City ballot

A proposal that would raise Carson City's room tax rate 3 percent for state education could go on the city's November ballot as an advisory question.

The Nevada State Education Association, who developed the plan, want counties to vote on the issue before the legislature votes on it.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to put the plan the ballot at their meetingThursday.

The plan would not raise room taxes more than 13 percent so the city's room tax rate would go up the full 3 percent under the proposal because its rate is now 10 percent. Washoe County's general rate is 12 percent, so it would go up 1 percentage point. Downtown Reno's room tax rate is already over 13 percent, so it would not be changed.

The city room tax, which is collected by Carson City Visitors' Bureau, now goes to the general convention fund, state tourism, the V&T Railway and parks projects.

In fiscal year 2006, it raised about $1.5 million from the 1,700 rooms in the city.

The additional 3 percent education tax would raise about $450,000.


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