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Our governor seems to be a very strange duck. The first thing he does when it comes to the budget crunch is to "Cut Education." He files for a dissolution of his marriage and his wife doesn't even know why. Now he is in Iraq and says the public doesn't need to know why! The first thing an inept person in government does is to cut education.

On top of the above items the FBI is investigating him and the waitress in Las Vegas states her claim of abuse is true.

Doesn't he know he is the PEOPLE'S EMPLOYEE and is thereby responsible to us?


Carson City

First lady and media should show restraint

In reference to Dawn Gibbons. I fully understand her feelings but first and foremost she needs to remember that she is a public figure and the very best thing to do is to quietly accept this decision her husband has made and continue her private life in an adult and polite fashion.

Granted that she is wounded but these things happen to millions of people every day and certainly a death is far more dreadful. She is not the elected official and could quietly remove herself from the duties of the first lady of Nevada.

We the citizens of Nevada expect nothing less of her but to be grown up and move to her own home and start a new life. And do not continue to attempt to smear our elected governor.

Secondly, if the media would not continue to print and announce these occurrences she would not have an audience. We do not need to become or continue to be inquiring minds.

Thank goodness some public people have chosen to quietly live their lives.



Heller's votes don't backup lip service

Re: Congressman Dean Heller's self-congratulatory letter on all he is doing for veterans. Wow, Dean Heller is going to get us a couple of bucks to help defray the cost of going to the VA Hospital. Perhaps it would be better for him to work for additional funding so the hospital can staff wards that are not in use, help with mental health services, etc.

A couple of years ago our VA Hospital had only 26 inpatient beds to support literally thousands of local veterans. I expect that is still a very close number. Rep. Heller says he is "working" for a 90 bed assisted living center and nursing home while the Bush administration is busy closing those facilities nationwide - so that ain't gonna happen! The House companion bill (HR 5740) to the Webb GI Bill has over 300 co-sponsors. This bill has huge bipartisan support to give these kids who have put their lives on the line something close to the education benefits that World War II veterans received.

Even Representative Porter supports it, but not Mr. Heller. Unfortunately, Sen. Ensign is one of only 22 senators who voted against the Senate version of this bill.

It is clear who really supports the troops with something other than patriotic lip-service and it is not Dean Heller or John Ensign.


Carson City

Heller compares favorably to other politicians

I tire of reading both accusatory and vague political spite comments about representative Dean Heller because in the 18 or so years that we have lived in Nevada, no congressional representative, nor senator, has shown the concern for both state and federal matters that Representative Heller has.

Contrary to that, our last district representative, along with Senator Reid, did absolutely nothing of merit.



State should avoid long-term debt to solve shortfall

I trust Nevada legislators will see the folly in adopting Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki's plan to bail the state out of its budget shortfall by issuing bonds to the tune of $775 million. Indebting the state for the next 20 years to pay for the current shortfall is not the answer.

While I disagree with a tax-and-spend platform, we have reached the time wherein taxes and or fees must be increased or imposed to balance the state's budget. Continual cutting of governmental budgets will lead to layoffs, further fueling of unemployment, home foreclosures, consumer spending and confidence. Perhaps it is time to amend the state constitution to provide for a state income tax not to exceed 2 percent versus going into long-term debt. Give voters a say in this critical matter.


Carson City

Arrogance is behind refusal to learn second languages

At the end of Susan Webb's letter from May 25, she asked the question, "are we (Americans) too lazy, too ignorant, or just too arrogant?"referring to the American lack of bilingual ability. The answer is that laziness has little to do with the matter, and American arrogance is the cause for their ignorance.

Most countries begin offering second and third languages in the third grade. Here in America, Spanish is frequently the earliest second language offered, and it is not offered until eighth grade: too late to learn and speak it thoroughly. This is because Americans feel that there are things of more importance to learn than how to understand those with whom they share the world.

Even the return comments online confirm the arrogance of the American people. Immediately, they start condemning the immigrants and helping to enforce the already-known reputation of the "Ugly American."

With so many attitudes like these, no wonder foreign people have such a problem with American tourists, who think that shouting in English will make a non-English-speaker understand.


Carson City

Reader has had enough of the V&T

An open letter to the board of supervisors and mayor:

So you still want another tax increase to help pay for the V&T Railway? What part of the word NO don't you understand?

If this is such a great idea, why hasn't some private company done it? And if we the people of Carson City are being forced to pay for it, then why is it going to be turned over to a private company to operate?

We the people have about had enough of government just adding more and more to our backs. There is a breaking point, and we are just about there. Stop the madness now! November is just around the corner.


Carson City

Wants the governor living in the mansion

I am just wondering if someone could explain to me why we are paying the rent for the governor's wife to live in the mansion?

This building is for the acting governor. She should be in Reno living in her own home and paying her own rent.

We are not only paying her expenses but we are paying his transportation back and forth.


Carson City


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