Clerk Recorder: Carson voting was smooth sailing

Carson City election employees yelled out Tuesday each time new voters made their wide-eyed way into the Fuji Park events center and the gymnasium at the Carson City Community Center to cast their ballots.

On her 29th birthday, Molly Wright got such a greeting.

The Carson City woman said she's been registered to vote since she was 18, but she'd never done it until this year.

"I was always intimidated, like was I going to vote for the right person and really just intimidated by the whole process," she said. "But actually, it was pretty easy."

For Gina Enge, elections always seemed to be pointless. She said she never felt like her vote counted because of the mystery of the electoral college. So in 2004, she didn't cast her ballot.

But this election was different.

"I think this is a very historical election. I think everyone should be part. Whatever happens it's going to be a change," said the native Nevadan. "We've got a woman for vice president and a black man for president. That's cool.

"I'm here, and as long as I'm here, I'm standing up for my country."

Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover said of the city's 25,981 registered voters, 14,610 turned out in the 12 days of early voting, 2,253 submitted absentee votes and another 6,832 crammed the city's two polling places. But despite the seeming rush at the end, things moved like clockwork, he said.

"Man, they're coming in like crazy," said Glover. "But it's been so smooth. We've had no problems."

Eric Hamilton and Mary Shaw came in together to cast their ballots. Hamilton said he didn't vote in the last election because he wasn't registered. But Shaw said she never misses an election.

"If you don't vote, how can you complain?" she asked.

Polling volunteer Darren Hughes said he's worked elections for 16 years, but "this is the busiest I've ever seen it."

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