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McCain chose wisely for his running mate

I like her, so there! Yes, she is a woman " so what? Joe Biden is a man " so what?

I like Sarah Palin because she has expertise in "energy." Would love to see her debate Harry Reid on this subject. Alaska is oil rich and hopefully she will convince McCain that ANWR is not a pristine area and just a tundra. Palin does not believe global warming is man made (nor do I) and opposed listing the polar bear as an endangered species. I might add that she is a life member of the NRA and strong proponent of the Second Amendment.

Gov. Palin also called for an exit strategy to bring our troops home from Iraq as "winners." She also has a son in the Army that will be deployed to Iraq in September. Five kids and one with Down's Syndrome that she elected NOT to abort. Her husband, Todd Palin, works for a living, like Cindy McCain, and is a commercial fisherman in season; and a member of the Steelworker's Union.

Sarah Palin hunts, fishes, so at the Inaugural Ball in January, 2009, I'm sure "mooseburgers and Alaska Ale" will be served.

Gov. Palin has "governed" and is the Commander of the Alaska National Guard. Sen. Obama can deliver a good speech? Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden only "legislate." So, I believe she has more experience than Obama.

By the way, yes " John McCain is 72 " so am I. People seem to think he's going to die soon? Are they God? Sen. Obama could die suddenly, too. Then they would be left with Sen. Biden and we would be left with Vice President Palin. Thanks McCain for a wise decision.



Judge for yourself on supervisor's conduct

I wanted to respond to the recent letter by Mr. Michael Robbins entitled "Didn't feel welcome at meeting." Mr. Robbins claims Mr. Staub's demeanor and general attitude, while presiding over a recent Board of Supervisors meeting prevented him from expressing his thoughts on redevelopment. Mr. Robbins states in his letter. "After a few minutes of public comments and noting how inattentive and sarcastic Staub was to the speakers, I decided not to speak."

Instead of voicing his thoughts to the Board, as apparently others had no problem doing, Mr. Robbins retreated to his home and elected to publicly mock Mr. Staub in a letter to the Carson Appeal. Mr. Robbins' criticism included but wasn't limited to attacking Mr. Staub's profession, the way he dresses, his intellect, personal success and business accomplishments.

The tone and content of the letter deserves comment because it went well beyond just an expression of dissatisfaction or his belief Mr. Staub's demeanor was unfriendly or inattentive. Mr. Robbins assails Mr. Staub in a very personal way. Leading one to believe that Mr. Robbins' attack was inspired by some deep-seated anger, or other issues not related to his experience at the meeting.

Fortunately we needn't rely on Mr. Robbins characterization of our public officials to determine the professionalism and behavior of the Board of Supervisors, we can judge for ourselves by watching Board Meetings on Access Carson City Television.

In conclusion I have been a 43 year resident of Carson City, and over the years had the pleasure of both professional and social contact with Mr. Staub, always finding him personable, professional and above all courteous and considerate.


Carson City

Supports property tax reform

Regarding Doreen Hoffman's letter of 8-29-08 concerning the Property Tax Reform measure " I say good for her! I agree 110 percent.

I was in California in the 70s and heard so many stories of people losing their homes because they simply could no longer pay the outrageously high taxes.

Folks around here seem to forget that the politicians 'gave' them the 3 percent Tax Cap. And what the politicians give the politicians can take away.

We need reform that is written in stone.


Carson City


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