Number of voters increases in Carson City

There are approximately 1,400 more voters in Carson City this year than there were in 2004, according to state voter registration totals.

Carson City reported a total of 27,783 registered voters while Douglas had 31,587, which is an increase of more than 4,000.

Lyon County has grown from 22,846 to 27,869. But Churchill county's total has been pretty stable, increasing a bit from 13,286 to 13,734 registered.

The biggest change is in Clark which added more than 200,000 voters to the rolls in the past four years. Washoe, by comparison, only added about 15,000 more voters to its list.

The figures compiled at the end of August show a total voter registration in the state of 1,328,122.

That is the complete registration list including both active and inactive voters and represents a 28.8 percent increase in registration over the last presidential election cycle in 2004.

Democrats have now increased their voter registration lead over Republicans in Nevada to 76,053.

It's a far different picture than the numbers at the close of registration for the 2004 general election when Republicans had a 4,400 vote advantage over the Democrats

While the numbers are a good sign for Democrats, mathematically most races are still in the hands of the non-partisan voters who numbered 200,959 as of August 31.

Of the total, 906,824 " more than 68 percent " are in Clark County. Another 248,925 " nearly 19 percent " are in Washoe, leaving just 13 or so percent of registered voters spread among the remaining 15 counties.

Total statewide registration in 2004 was 1,071,101.

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