What do you want to know about the candidates?

Two months.

That's how long until Election Day, and how long voters have to determine the best path for their communities to take into the future.

One thing is certain " change will happen.

In Carson City, gone will be longtime Mayor Marv Teixeira. Potentially, two supervisors could go with him.

Same story on the school board, where three positions are open.

Don't forget about the two important ballot questions. The city is the chief benefactor for the V&T Railway, and its voters will send a strong message on whether they believe the tourist train will be an economic engine for years to come, as its proponents claim. If not, voters will choose, in effect, to halt the train outside town by voting against a $10 million sales tax proposal.

And the public safety question may also prove vital to the city's future. In other words, are you prepared to pay more taxes (to the tune of about $130 per year on a $300,000 home) for better ambulance, fire and police coverage? While it's widely recognized that the city's ambulance coverage is sometimes spread dangerously thin, voters will have to balance that information with other realities " namely that these are challenging economic times and that some categories of crime in the city have actually decreased.

It will be an important election, and we want you to be fully informed. In the weeks prior to the start of early voting on Oct. 18, we'll be giving you all the information you'll need on the candidates and the ballot questions, and on our Opinion page we'll host some strong viewpoints on those subjects (yours will be welcome, too). On Oct. 16, we'll publish a special guide on all the races.

The Nevada Appeal editors and management will also interview candidates for office and, continuing a grand tradition, endorse the candidates we believe are most qualified to solve the challenges ahead.

But first we're asking for your help. What questions do you want us to ask of the candidates? Let us know and we'll make sure we get them answered.

E-mail your suggestions to the Nevada Appeal at editor@nevadaappeal.com. You may also mail them to us at 580 Mallory Way, Carson City, NV 89701; or call us at 881-1221.


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