Redevelopment losing $2M to city projects

Carson City will take $2 million that would have gone to help redevelop downtown and the south side of the city and use it for construction projects that could range from repairing a city building roof to installing a pond at Fuji Park.

The city has a long list of construction projects, Mayor Marv Teixeira said, and the $2 million the city took from its main source, the general fund, to bring in Burlington Coat Factory needs to be repaid with money that would have gone to redevelopment.

About $250,000 a year over eight years will go to the general fund instead of redevelopment.

The board of supervisors approved the mayor's plan today by 3 to 2, with supervisors Robin Williamson and Shelly Aldean voting against the plan.

The city doesn't know how much money it will get in the future from the property taxes it uses to fund redevelopment, Williamson said, and, with a $1.3 million redevelopment budget this year, "we need to keep what little moneys we have."


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