Lucky's operating Casino Fandango book

If there's any kind of bet that can be placed in the world of sports, it's the goal of Lucky's Sportsbook to be able to offer it.

Lucky's Sportsbook opened at the Casino Fandango in late August and is now operating in four casinos in Nevada. Lucky's also operates at Reno's Grand Sierra Resort, at Elko's Red Lion and at the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas.

Lucky's is also seeking approval from the State Gaming Commission today to operate six additional sportsbooks at Terribles properties across Nevada.

Lucky's president Joe Asher is clear when it comes to how he feels about his operation.

"We have by far the best betting product in Nevada," Asher said. "What we're really just focused on is having the best product around."

Asher went on to say what makes Lucky's "the most unique option" in betting is "the product that we offer. Nobody can compete with us as far as the quality of the product."

Another factor that sets Lucky's apart, Asher said is the sportsbook has top bookmakers as part of its management staff, including Jimmy Vaccarro, widely considered the most influential bookmaker in the state.

Along with offering the standard line and over/under bets for NFL and college football games, Lucky's offers various proposition bets for NFL games as well. While casinos generally offer various proposition bets for the Super Bowl, Lucky's offers them throughout the NFL season. "We offer them every week," Asher said.

Lucky's offered 10 proposition bets for this past Monday's Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game.

Lucky's also offers a wide variety of betting opportunities for NBA and college basketball, NHL hockey, boxing, golf, NASCAR, Major League Baseball and mixed martial arts.

Asher said if a customer comes in asking for a betting opportunity that Lucky's doesn't offer, the sportsbook will do everything possible to offer it. "You name any betting sport and we'll put something up for it," Asher said. "If there's any way we can make a line, we will."

As an example, Asher said a customer came into the Red Lion In Elko and asked for a chance to bet on the Tour de France. "We put up a line within an hour," Asher said.

Throughout the season, Lucky's offers bettors a chance to wager on how many wins each NFL team will finish with this year. Asher said while other casinos take down their bets for the number of wins a team will have before the NFL season begins, Lucky's continues to offer that option throughout the season. Lucky's sets the over/under for the number of wins an NFL team will have every week during the season.

In addition, Lucky's offers a free contest in which it will give away $100,000 during the NFL season. Anyone who's interested can enter the contest at any time during the season to pick the winners of all the NFL games straight up each week.

The jackpot for those who pick all the NFL games correctly increases by $6,000 each week. No one picked all the games correctly during the first two weeks, so the jackpot is now up to $18,000 for this week.

In addition to the NFL proposition bets, Lucky's offers various proposition bets in other sports such as who will hit the last home run at Yankee Stadium.

"Those are the types of things that we offer," Asher said. "They (the customers) love betting that kind of stuff."

Lucky's also provides plenty of horse racing betting opportunities and has lines up for the Breeder's Cup. "The Fandango is a very popular place for horse playing," Asher said.

Asher said Lucky's mission statement is to offer a superior product with exception customer service at a fair price. "We want to give the public a fair chance to win," he said.

For more information on Lucky's go to, a Web site that Asher is also proud of. "By far the best (sportsbook) website anybody offers," he said.


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