Dayton Valley family offers land for new Lyon jail

The latest potential location for a Lyon County jail or public safety center is Dayton.

County Commissioner Bob Milz said at Thursday's meeting in a discussion about remodeling the Bluestone Building in Dayton for the justice court that the Borda family had offered to donate land in Dayton Valley.

Borda attorney John Gavin, a Dayton Realtor, told the commissioners the news at a previous commission meeting.

The donated parcel, in the eastern section of the valley north of Highway 50, would be used for a public safety complex that could include a jail, justice court and police services.

The proposed location has one acre of highway frontage and is about five miles east of the proposed hospital near Smith's Market on Highway 50.

Gavin said utilities were available and the value of the property is between $4 million and $5 million.

The commissioners are considering either building a new facility in Silver Springs or expanding the current jail in Yerington.

A central jail in Dayton would put the facility north of the Carson River, where most arrests in the county are made, and would mean shorter time for Lyon County

Sheriff's units taking prisoners to court or to medical facilities.

County Engineer Dick Faber has estimated that a new jail complex will cost about $37.5 million, or about $570,000 to expand the Yerington facility.

In either case, the costs will be paid for out of county funds from the Surplus Maintenance Building fund, proceeds from a bond and a one-fourth percent infrastructure sales tax increase.

Previously, the Peek family in Silver Springs offered to donate property in their neighborhood for a new jail.

To Rogers, Silver Springs was the best location for a jail.

"I think the jail belongs in Silver Springs, and even if it goes to Silver Springs, that doesn't mean we don't want to put the Dayton court in Silver Springs," he said. "We need to think 20-25 years down the road."

Faber said a request for quotes brought in five submittals that were being evaluated and will be brought before the commissioners next month.

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