Letters to the editor 4-12

'Meow!' for Carson theatrical production

We would like to write a rave review. The Carson Performing Arts production of "Cats" was as enjoyable and entertaining as any rendition we have enjoyed.

The entire cast was wonderful. The singing was great and the staging was enjoyed, especially the interaction with the audience. Our grandchildren have been talking about it ever since. We would like to give the entire operation a standing ovation for an amazing production.


Carson City

Take me out to the ball game! Aces are here

It's finally here " baseball season. I look forward to opening day all winter long.

The thing that makes this year so special is one of the best things to hit northern Nevada since the state became a state (well, that might be an exaggeration, but not to me), and that's the Reno Aces Triple-A baseball club. This is the real deal with a beautiful brand new stadium in the heart of Reno. I can't wait to attend a game and cheer on our boys. These guys will give a solid effort every night as they try to secure a spot on the big-league club.

There's nothing better for me than the smell of a ballpark; a hot dog and a beer; the crack of the bat and roar of the crowd as the ball sails into the seats. We'll have a new rivalry with the south as we do battle with the Las Vegas 51's. We'll have the Interstate 80 showdown when the Sacramento River Cats come to town.

In these dark economic times, taking the family to a Reno Aces game is still affordable. So take the kids; or grab some buddies and head to the ballpark on a summer evening and enjoy a game. Hit the casinos and restaurants of wonderful downtown Reno after the game. The Reno Aces and real baseball have finally come to downtown. Now play ball.



Guarantee: No vast

conspiracy to freeload

Judging by recent epithets, all our problems are the fault of unions and public servants.

I have worked for government entities off and on since 1974. I can guarantee there's no vast conspiracy to get a job in public service and then freeload for 20 years. Like in the private sector, employee personalities run the gamut from selfless, hard-working people to egregious slackers. But generally I have found the "service" in "public service" to be a truism. You don't go to work for the state to make a million dollars.

You do, however, tend to remain in public service because of the benefits accrued. Even if this loyalty is "cupboard love," the end result is an experienced and dependable work force.

Every worker I have spoken with would be willing to take furlough days, or a cut in hours or pay, as long as benefits aren't touched. Cutting medical or pension benefits is self-defeating, because in an aging population, people aren't going to stop getting sick or eating and Medicare and welfare will be tapped to make up the difference.

Give us a break. We run schools and libraries, keep parks and public areas safe, expedite your paperwork as well as any bureaucracy can. We can work for you; we are you. Can we have a reasonable discussion about saving the benefits of public employees?


Silver Springs

Health-care reform

must include Medicare

In 1993 this country was poised to extend Medicare to all citizens. Our single-payer health-care system is extremely well-run. I should know, I've been caring for and living with my 89-year-old World War II Army Nurse Corps mother for five years now.

She has no vets' benefits. And I would exclude the ponderous Part D rules Congress assaulted our seniors with. I'd rather do my own taxes then figure out if mom fits into the doughnut hole and which pharmacy has the best deals on which of her many medications.

Health-care reform must include an option for any citizen to receive Medicare should he or she choose. After working with my insurance and hers, I would choose Medicare without a second thought.



Highway 28 project

must be reconsidered

I consider myself fortunate. The proposed Highway 28 closure during May and subsequent construction delays into July will probably not cause me to go out of business.

But the Nevada Department of Transportation's ill-conceived plan to close this vital link between Carson City and Incline Village in May could, however, kill a number of other businesses struggling in these economic times and who depend on this route every day.

This project will result in lost clients and increased travel expenses for me, costing my small three-person business between $8,000 to $12,000 in lost revenues and productivity. If another 1,000 businesses are affected like mine, the cost of this $5 million road project could cost our community nearly $10 million in lost income and millions more in lost tax revenues.

In these times of double-digit unemployment, pushing this burden onto the people struggling to create jobs here is unconscionable. Surely there must be a better way to get the job done. This project's plan must be reconsidered.

Three of the last five years have seen significant traffic delays on Highway 28 due to road construction, and this year will be the worst, by far. I would hate to see this be the straw that broke our economy's back.


Carson City

Prostitution tax

debate seems confusing

I see there will not be a tax on prostitution. I listened to some of the tax's opponents saying if we tax prostitution we would be legitimizing it. Prostitution is legal.

So my question is how would taxing it make it any more legitimate?


Carson City

Want road updates?

Call NDOT at 511

As Nevada and the nation look to move our economy, employment and infrastructure forward through economic recovery programs, road improvements will be key.

In life's busy schedule, these road projects and accompanying work zones can slow the hurried commuter temporarily. When safe driving practices aren't followed, they can be a place where lives are ruined permanently.

In 2007, there were 835 fatalities in work zones across the nation. These crashes are often caused by unsafe driving behaviors such as driving too fast or failing to follow construction signs. Most of these fatalities are vehicle drivers and passengers.

The Nevada Department of Transportation is dedicated to the safety of our work zones. Warning signs, lane closure alerts and flaggers are put in place to assist motorists, and detour routes, when available, are noted with signs.

As NDOT and our transportation partners upkeep Nevada roads with over 30 economic recovery projects and numerous other road enhancements this summer, motorists must take responsibility to make their travels safe.

How? Dial 511 for Nevada road construction reports before driving. Always use seatbelts. Keep additional space between your car and other vehicles. Most importantly, always take it slow, obey posted speed limits and pay attention. NDOT invites all drivers to visit www.nevadadot.com/safety for current road construction reports and more safe driving tips.

With these important safety tips, our work zones can become a safe place for road workers to continually improve the vital transportation thoroughfares of our state.



Carson City

God bless everyone

This letter concerns a very bad incident that occurred April 3. Representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church decided to invade our capital city like hordes of locusts, spewing their hateful diatribe about how homosexuals are evil, and that soldiers deserve to die because America is evil.

The church mocks our awesome, almighty God by stating that "God hates Nevada." How do they know what God is saying or even thinking? Did He tell them personally? These radical extremists have black-coal stone hearts, filled with empty brains, and without soul. They are trying to brainwash our nation into believing their lies. Nevada is not fascist and they better believe that our Nevada lawmakers are going to crack down on these so-called funeral protests. That church is truly the definition of pure "devil incarnate."

I do not personally care if these radical extremists are attempting to incite a riot by taking law enforcement to federal court, just to turn around and decry their rights to free speech (by means of extortion). Why don't they just try it; they will lose. For any person to commit sacrilege by desecrating the deceased, it is beyond unacceptable and unforgivable. I adamantly refuse to sit back and allow these hate mongers to spread their social injustice.

They are no longer welcome in our town (oh, and for the hate mongers, it's not pronounced "Nev-ah-da").

God bless every single person in our nation (good or evil), especially our wonderful state of Nevada.


Carson City

Smoking legislation

proposal opposed

The Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee has introduced Senate Bill 372, which would undo the 2006 voter-approved Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. The bill would allow smoking in bars, restaurants and slot machine areas of grocery and convenience stores.

The committee fails to recognize the public health risks of smoking, secondhand smoke and thirdhand smoke, which are the gases and particles clinging to smokers and non-smokers hair, clothing and car interiors that they take home and expose family and friends to, not to mention cushions and carpeting in public venues, that linger long after smoke has cleared from a room. The residue includes heavy metals, carcinogens and radioactive materials.

Nevada has appalling statistics related to use of tobacco and related health-care issues. In Nevada, 21.5 percent of adults smoke, and 4.1 million packs of cigarettes were bought or smoked by kids each year.

Smoking kills more people than alcohol, AIDS, car crashes, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined, and thousands more die from other tobacco-related causes.

Health care costs in Nevada directly caused by smoking are $565 million a year. At the same time, access to health care is being cut in Nevada, and the tobacco industry is spending $13.4 billion annually in marketing expenditures.

Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee and voice your concerns about attempting to overturn the will of the public, and jeopardizing the well-being of Nevadans.




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