Changes in animal code uncertain

Carson City officials said they're not sure if any planned updates in the health department code will include a change allowing Mayor Bob Crowell to get back his pet pig, Arnold.

The health department is in the early stages of updating parts of its code, including animal services division rules, said Health and Human Services Director Marena Works.

The department can't say if it plans to loosen restrictions on pet pigs until it at least has a draft of proposed changes, she said.

"It's just too preliminary," she said.

Crowell had to give up the nearly-blind, arthritic pig during his successful run for mayor in the fall. Arnold is now with an animal rescue group.

Changes in animals services rules will be ready "in the near future" for the city to consider, said Pat Wiggins, animal services supervisor.

Arnold is doing well with the animal rescue group, Crowell said. The pig is being taken care of and looking forward to warmer weather, he said.

"Arnold likes it when summer comes because he doesn't have to worry about snow," Crowell said.

Wiggins and Crowell have declined to say where Arnold is being kept.

The city board of supervisors would have to approve any changes in the health department code twice before the changes went into effect.


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