Letters to the Editor 4/14

Congress is asleep; wake up, America

We need a change. Congress has been "asleep at the wheel" for many years, resulting in the current economic crisis.

Unions have been negotiating and pricing our labor force out of the market, resulting in jobs being outsourced. High-ranking U.S. governmental positions and Congress are overpaid. Nevada legislators are overpaid (in six-figure salaries). Unreasonable taxes, unacceptable unemployment figures and increased homeless statistics are rising while the politicians position themselves for re-election " time to vote them out of office.

Wake up, America. 

Term limits must remain " four years to learn their job and introduce new legislation and 4 more years to see their programs implemented and set the stage for future proposals is enough. Besides, politicians seem to become complacent after more than eight years and begin to focus on their retirement benefits instead of their responsibility to us. There should also be a mandatory retirement age of 70.

The private sector is downsizing to meet this crisis. I recommend that Congress and state legislators show good faith by agreeing to a voluntary minimum wage salary for at least 2 years " setting an example for the unemployed and helping to meet our budget goals. Also, in order for the union workers to better afford the wage reductions they are being asked to accept, the unions themselves should reduce their dues to $1 per month for the next two years. 


Carson City

Let's try something new: Smoking only

We do not need to overturn the decision of Nevada's voting population to allow smoking in establishments that serve food. We need to establish "smoking only" businesses where everyone who enters is required to smoke. The hostess could smoke while she seats you, the waitress and bartender could smoke while taking your order. Of course, ashtrays would be available everywhere.

Proof of cigarette possession would be required for admission. Leave the kids and asthmatics at home. This is a special smoke, smoke, smoky area for people who love their cigarettes more than life itself.

Those people who wish to eat and drink without choking on secondhand smoke can just stay home.



Bullying in Nevada's schools is a serious issue

Hats off to Dr. Christian Conte, the psychology professor at University of Nevada, Reno and Capital City Arts and Cary Trivanovich for addressing the serious issue of bullying in our Nevada schools.

Dr. Conte, you should talk to Carly Strauss (the counselor at Pinon Hills Elementary) about her efforts in getting the Safe School Ambassador program up and running in most Douglas County schools.

I'm reaping the rewards of this program, and I personally can see that it has cut down 50 percent of the bullying in my son's elementary school.


Carson City


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