Assembly OK's amendment seeking annual sessions

The Assembly voted 29-12 Tuesday to propose annual legislative sessions to Nevada voters.

AJR6  would retain the current 120 day session in odd-numbered years and add a 60-day session in even years to fine tune the budget and take care of other problems that come up.

"We all know in our hearts you cannot do this work every other year," said Assemblyman Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas.

He added that all but Nevada and three other states now meet annually.

But Assemblyman Ty Cobb, R-Reno, argued annual sessions would "move us farther and farther away from the citizen legislature."

"It would make it much harder for individuals to be able to leave their profession and come down here and serve," he said.

Majority Leader John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, said he agrees with Cobb.

"But what I have found in my years here is the financial situation makes it almost impossible," he said. "We have to forecast our budget two years in advance."

He said the result has been numerous special sessions to finish or adjust the budget and handle different crises. "I like the fact we are a citizen legislature, but over time, we've found we just can't get it done."

If senators approve, the resolution will be presented for a second time to the 2011 Legislature, then to the voters in 2012.


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