Reno officer cleared in '03 search at barbershop

RENO (AP) " A federal jury has cleared a Reno police detective of any wrongdoing in a civil rights lawsuit brought by a Reno barber and two of her patrons, including former boxer Kelvin Davis.

Officers forced the three to the floor at gunpoint and searched them while pursuing fleeing during a drug raid in a predominantly black neighborhood five years ago.

Most of the case had already been resolved. But Deputy Police Chief Jim Johns says the jury in Reno returned a verdict on Friday that determined Detective Paul Adamson's search of one of the patron's pockets did not violate his Fourth Amendment rights.

Johns says police believed two armed suspects had run into the barbershop owned by Ruby Jean May when police initiated a drug bust at a nearby home in November 2003. He says the officers searched everyone because they were unable to distinguish between the suspects and the customers. He says two suspects were arrested behind the barbershop.

May, Davis and the other customer, Robert Spears, filed the lawsuit.

Davis, 30, a former IBF champion in the cruiserweight class, retired from the ring last year.


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