'Tea party' brings out thousands

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Thousands of people waved signs, American flags and tea bags in front of the Legislature today as part of the Tax Day Tea Party to protest federal government spending and bank and auto company bailouts.

Conservative bloggers organizing the national event say protests were planned in more than 120 cities, including Carson City, Las Vegas, Fallon and Fernley.

Lorraine Dougherty, who organized the Carson City protest at the Legislature, said people are tired of the government spending tax revenue to keep companies alive.

Politicians create a "downward spiral" when they gets involved with what should be a free market, she said.

"The federal government has no business doing that," she said.

Dirk Van Cott of Mound House held a sign outside the Legislature that said "Save taxpayers not government manipulators."

He said federal government spending on unnecessary programs will raise interest rates, inflation and grow the national debt.

Politicians are "spending us into an oblivion," he said.

"Our representatives are taxing us and spending our money on things the majority of things us don't believe in."

Other signs at the protest read "Capitalism creates jobs, not government," "Stop the bailouts" "Obama, the worst liar of all them" and "Balance the budget, stop socialism."


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