Letters to the Editor

Where is the justice?

There have been many times I have wanted to write a letter to the editor and I haven't, but today my blood is boiling.

I have a 22-year-old daughter who works two jobs and goes to school full time. She is two semesters away from getting her degree in Criminal Justice. She is a U.S. citizen as are both her parents. She pays for her school through grants and student loans.

She has a 4-year-old daughter who receives Medicaid. She asks for no other. Her jobs do not offer benefits. The baby's father is not able to be in her life at this time. She is being drilled so hard from our welfare department about getting medical assistance for her daughter that she has given up. I don't understand why someone who is working hard to better themselves and asking for help to insure their child is put through grief just to get help. She pays taxes, as does her family.

I read in the paper where we are raising the amount of food stamps people get. A family of four now gets $688. I had a family of five and could have lived comfortably off $688. I can't remember budgeting that much for just food.

Please tell me where is the justice? My daughter could quit work and school. She would then be eligible for cash assistance, food stamps, medical assistance and housing but she chooses to better herself. For this her child has to pay.


Carson City

Millions of Americans battling weight problems

Obesity and weight problems are widespread throughout the United State; 64 percent of Americans deal with the excessive weight everyday.

These conditions lead to life-threatening health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and some cancers. The problem is growing and will continue to grow unless something is done. Obesity affects two-thirds of Nevada's adults and is our state's greatest health-risk factor.

Two-thirds of the population is a significant percentage considering Nevada residents add up to approximately 2,565,382. We also need to be concerned with the children who live the same lifestyle as their parents. I'm asking all Nevadans who are at risk to make a change today.

I encourage everyone to start the morning with a nutritional breakfast. Make sure time is taken for a light nutritional lunch and a healthy dinner. Take the extra time to prepare grilled chicken, brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with healthier eating habits, make sure some form of exercise is incorporated daily for at least 30 minutes, it can be as easy as a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood.

Involve your children in these changes because the sooner a parent can incorporate proper nutrition, the sooner the children will also adopt healthy eating habits to control their weight. It's the parent's job to set the example for their children, no one else's. Make the change today, and live a longer, healthier and happier life.




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